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The Pacific Range Hood in 2024 - Wild River Review

Are you considering getting a kitchen range hood? There are several factors to take into account, including your cooking habits and personal preferences, range hood size, CFM, and ducting. Here, you'll discover all the solutions you require. Let's look at our top pacific range hood below


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1. BEST OVERALL: Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch

2. BEST SAVING: Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch - 900 CFM Powerful 3-Speed Wall Mount Kitchen Vent Hood

3. BEST VERSATILE: Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS – 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood 


1.  BEST OVERALL: Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch

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  • ✔️STRONG AIRFLOW - Your kitchen's air is effectively cleaned of a significant amount of smoke and cooking odors thanks to the maximum 900 CFM airflow and well-balanced fans.

  • ✔️OPERATION - With the 4-speed setting, you can modify the suction and noise level of your kitchen stove vent. The noise level ranges from 40 decibels on the lowest setting to 65 decibels at its loudest.

  • ✔️FILTRATION - Two dishwasher-safe and quickly detachable stainless steel permanent filters are included for superior filtration of cooking fat and oil… 

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Pacific Range Hood has a beautiful design and is made of stainless steel. It has a remote control as well. The novel gesture sensing feature offers a completely new experience.

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2.  BEST SAVING: Pacific Economy Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 inch - 900 CFM Powerful 3-Speed Wall Mount Kitchen Vent Hood

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  • ✔️Powerful Suction - The single motor and balanced fans on the 42-inch, 900 CFM high suction range hood quickly absorb gases and cooking odors in all directions. Pacific’s 1–15 minute programmable timer will do the cleanup for you, keeping the kitchen atmosphere natural and fresh even if there is an aftertaste.

  • ✔️ Led lighting - Cooking with a Bright Kitchen Nightlight and Wide View. The 2PCS 3W energy-saving LED lights' brightness can be adjusted with a touch to suit your cooking needs. This island mount range hood's 42-inch lights are bright and gentle without wearing out the eyes, and they improve night vision right away.

  • ✔️Quiet Working - Working quietly and taking a call while cooking. The range hood's noise level can be adjusted to be as low as 40 dB and as high as 65 dB, so you can avoid the noise and concentrate on cooking…

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The pacific range hood's stainless steel panel is 1MM thick. The attractiveness is enhanced by the color of pure stainless steel. The initial touch switch panel now includes the gesture detection and remote control features. If you have oil on your hands, don't worry about getting them dirty.

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3. BEST VERSATILE: Pacific Kitchen Vent Hood AC30BS – 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood 

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  • ✔️Maximum Air Flow - Designed for heavy-duty cooking, this exhaust system easily removes smoke and odors from the air. With two motors and a class-leading 900 CFM, it is more powerful than the majority of rivals.

  • ✔️Ultra-quiet operation - The noise level is kept to under 65 DB when operating at high speed. The powerful 4-speed motor ventilates your kitchen quietly and effectively while removing smoke and odors from cooking.

  • ✔️Gesture Sensing - digital screen, and complete stainless steel body all perfectly complement your kitchen renovation and give it a contemporary, restaurant-like feel.…

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The stainless steel baffle filters used in the pacific range hood are more durable and cost-effective due to their ease of cleaning. To clean it, just put it in the dishwasher!



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These following advice will help you find a great pacific range hood for your kitchen: 

1. Range Hood CFM

The CFM of your range hood must be accurate. We want your range hood to meet your needs. However, you will be unhappy if you buy the hood only to discover that it doesn't have adequate power.


2. Room to mount the hood

The ideal distance for your indoor hood to be mounted from the cooktop is between 28 and 36 inches. Make sure your kitchen has enough space to accommodate this need. This guarantees that your hood can efficiently vent the thick oil and smoke coming from your grill.


3. Ceiling height

You could require a range hood with chimney extensions depending on the height of your ceiling. For your range hood, a chimney extension is an extra attachment that hides the ducting. The majority of wall range hoods and island range hoods have chimneys designed for 8- and 9-foot ceilings. However, if your ceiling is exceptionally high, a chimney expansion will probably be necessary.


1. Is 400 CFM preferable to 300 CFM?

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is a unit of measurement for the amount of air that a fan can move each minute. This implies that the air suction will be stronger the greater the CFM. Therefore, a 1000 CFM fan will pull more air than, let's say, a 400 CFM fan.


2. How many CFM are required in each area?

One cfm is required for every square foot of floor space (1 cfm/sq ft). This is the typical amount of air needed for a space or a structure. This figure is based on a computation of the average heat load for comfort cooling.


3. A recirculating kit is what?

Instead of sending the air from your hood outside, a recirculating kit can be attached to it to keep it inside your kitchen. A recirculating kit can be used to convert some ducted range hoods to recirculating operation. We do offer kits for recirculating.


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