Tree of Life: Turkish Home Cooking – Joy E. Stocke and Angie Brenner

Wild River Review announces the release of Tree of Life: Turkish Home Cooking. We invite you to send us stories from your tree of life. Do you have a recipe that brings you back to your family’s roots?
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Church ladies

There’s Always Another Side to A Church Lady

In the 1930’s the ladies of Bethel AME Church in Pennington, NJ made aprons to raise funds for their church. Using scraps of old dresses or whatever was available, the ladies gathered around pedal sewing machines…
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by Beverly Mills & Elaine Buck

Whales Sing and Other Exuberances: for Toshiko

“yes, om, yes
she brought the wheel
to the chapel of beginnings
or the chapel enfolded
the potter as she recreated
the earth from soil
once organic now newly alive
in her hands”
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by Scott McVay

Tribal Truths And Common Struggles: A Review of Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy is essentially “character-driven,” and heading the cast is Vance’s larger-than-life grandmother and surrogate mother, Mamaw.
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by Ned Bachus