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22 Best 43 Inch 4k Smart Tvs Reviews In 2022

Although most manufacturers and buyers are focusing on larger TVs, smaller models continue to be popular. You won't find the most advanced, high-end options in 40 to 43-inch sizes, but there are still some excellent options. If you are looking for the best 43 inch 4k smart tvs, don't miss the following models.


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1. Do I need ultra-fast refresh rates and VRR when playing video games?

Most video games attempt to operate at 60 frames per second or higher; however, higher-end gaming PCs can go faster. If the game doesn't cap the frame rate, newer hardware and older games can quickly surpass 120 frames per second. A TV that can reach those rates is always welcome for gaming, which is why high-end gaming monitors can reach 360 Hz or higher.

However, tearing becomes a serious issue if your TV cannot keep up with the game's frame rate, which takes us to a variable refresh rate (VRR). VRR doesn't mess around with frames or do any serious synthesis; it allows the panel to modify its refresh rate on the fly to match what's coming via your game console or PC.

2. What exactly is Full HD?

 The resolution of a monitor is represented by both Full HD and 4K UHD. In digital imaging, the term resolution refers to the pixel count. Full HD resolution indicates that the width is 1920 pixels and the height is 1080 pixels. However, to enjoy actual Full HD visuals, in addition to a Full HD TV or projector, we must link the display to a Full HD Blu-ray player via the HDMI connection and, of course, a Blu-ray disc in Full HD format.


1. Choose an HDR-compatible TV for more accurate colors and improved contrast.

Consider a TV that supports the most modern technologies, such as HDR10+ or Dolby Vision. Some will support both.

2. Purchase a TV with a resolution of less than 4K:

Unless you need a second (or third) TV, stay away from full HD or 1080p TVs. Even so, consider whether your budget can be stretched to 4K.

3. Look for a refresh rate of 60 Hz or 120 Hz:

When it comes to refreshing rates, 60 Hz is good, but 120 Hz is better. Smoother motion is provided by a greater refresh rate in everything from movies and shows to live sports and games.



1. BEST OVERALL: Amazon Fire TV 43" Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV 


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  • Brilliant 4K entertainment - Bring movies and shows to life with support for vivid 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, and control the TV hands-free with Alexa.
  • Scenes that leap off the screen - 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and HLG deliver a clearer and more vibrant picture with brighter colors compared to 1080p Full HD.
  • Hands-free TV with Alexa - With built-in microphones, just ask to turn on the TV, and find, launch, and control content, so you can put down the remote.
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The Amazon 4K43M600A is a good 43-inch TV option for those on a tight budget. It includes the Fire TV smart platform, which is simple to use and makes navigating menus a breeze.

There are numerous apps available for download, and the built-in microphone on the remote gives you access to the Alexa voice assistant, making it simple to open apps and search for content.

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2. BEST BRAND: Sony 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X80K Series

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  • INTELLIGENT TV PROCESSING – The 4K HDR Processor X1 delivers a picture that is smooth and clear, full of rich colors and detailed contrast.
  • WIDE SPECTRUM OF COLORS - Reproduces over a billion accurate colors resulting in picture quality that is natural and precise, and closer than ever to real life, enhanced by TRILUMINOS Pro.
  • PREMIUM SMART TV – Google TV with Google Assistant organizes your favorite content all in one place. Stream from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO Max, Peacock and many more. Also, stream from your Apple device with AirPlay 2 support.
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If you enjoy watching TV shows with family or friends, the Sony KD-43X80K is the best 43-inch 4k TV. If you watch TV in a large seating area with a few other people, you'll want a TV with wide viewing angles so that the picture looks the same whether you're sitting in the front or on the side.

Furthermore, it does exactly that because the image remains consistent as you move away from the center.

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3. BEST QUALITY: SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K UHD QN90A Series Mini LED Quantum HDR 24x

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  • QUANTUM MATRIX TECHNOLOGY: Experience brilliantly intense picture powered by tiny light cells using exclusive Mini LED designed technology for hyper-focused brightness and dimming in all the right areas
  • NEO QUANTUM PROCESSOR 4K: Elevate your entertainment to 4K clarity; Neo Quantum Processor 4K utilizes advanced AI-based learning to analyze the signal, source, and scene-by-scene content to deliver our best 4K optimized experiences
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There's no denying that the Samsung QN90A is the best 43-inch television money can buy. Samsung combines that image quality with a plethora of smart TV functions and truly smart features, such as a solar-powered remote control that eliminates the need for battery changes - all while providing Eco-friendly design and unexpected convenience.



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