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The 21 Best Gas Grills of July 2022

You are getting a list of the Best Gas Grills in 2022 with the help of our top experts as well as specialized editors. Listed below you will see major brands as: Weber, Char-Broil, Royal Gourmet, Monument Grills, Cuisinart, Blackstone, Napoleon, Megamaster, Char-Griller.

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With strong burners and large cooking space, the best gas grills will get you through the summer. Considering the price range and the numerous grill features known as "grill frills," finding the best gas grill might be difficult. Here you'll discover gas grill reviews that consider the quality of each grill, the amount of food it can cook, and even minor details like how it ignites. Check out our round-up of the top gas grills below to learn more about what each model can offer.

Buying Guides

If you're looking to buy a gas grill, we've compiled a list of the essential features and things to look for (besides price) to ensure you get the best gas grill for your needs.

1. Grilling area

Consider how much food you'll be preparing and buy your model appropriately. The most powerful grills we tested can cook up to 12 hamburgers at once, which may be ideal for some but excessive for others. We found that smaller grills can hold three to eight burgers, which is more than adequate for the average household.

2. Heat consistency

Inconsistent outcomes might be caused by an unevenly heated grill. It's possible that one burger or steak will be burnt while the others are undercooked. Make sure you pick a model that properly distributes heat over the cooking area. If you do run into heat distribution issues, you may usually limit your cooking to the middle of the burner, where the heat will be the most consistent.

3. Design

The exteriors of the grills we looked at were mostly made of stainless steel. Most of these grills can withstand weather, wear, and corrosion if properly maintained and cleaned. Cast iron grates are used on the best gas grills because they provide a better cooking experience and are simpler to clean than stainless steel.

4. Portability

When purchasing a gas grill, think about what you'll be using it for and how much you'll be moving it. You can definitely purchase a bigger, heavier model like the Nexgrill or Char-Broil Performance if it's going to be on your patio for years. Most grills we tested include roller wheels, allowing you to move them around.

If you're taking your grill on the road, though, you'll need to be able to move it around quickly. Larger wheels on medium-size grills, such as the Weber Spirit II, allow them to fit easily into a truck bed. Smaller variants, such as the Coleman RoadTrip X-cursion, and tabletop ones, such as the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet, are recommended if space is limited. They fit easily in a trunk or even the back seat of a car. They are small enough to fit in a trunk or even the back seat of a car.


1. Best Gas Grill: Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

With 424 square inches of the grill surface, the Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill is a nice size for a decent family barbeque or a small garden party. It's also quite hot, with three burners producing 30,000 BTU of heat. It's also built to the Weber quality we're all familiar with, with a ten-year warranty.

The porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars are excellent for uniformly dispersing heat and collecting drips for a smoky flavor, as well as being easy to clean and protect the burners. If grease drips do happen, they'll be channeled into disposable grease pans, which is both a gift and a problem (let's be honest). It's good because there's no risk of a single grease tray rusting out, but it's terrible since it raises operating expenses and environmental issues.

Because this is Weber, the Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill will function with a variety of authentic Weber accessories, including the iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer. A traditional thermometer is incorporated inside the easy-lift lid, though.

Why you should buy:

  • High-quality build

  • Large grill area

  • Superb ignition system

2. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill has a lot to offer. It has a 425-square-inch cooking surface, which is more than enough to accommodate 20 delicious burger patties at once. The grill is constructed of porcelain-coated cast iron, which many will consider an upgrade above the stainless steel grills found on many gas grills in the same price range.

There's even a secondary side burner with 10,000 BTU, which is ideal for a pan. The Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill has excellent heat consistency, quickly returning to the ideal cooking temperature – as shown by the thermometer – each time the lid is closed. Overall, for the price, this is a fantastic performer with a lot of helpful features. The gas grill is very simple to clean and has a low flare-up rate.

Why you should buy:

  • Most affordable

  • 10,000 BTU side burner

  • 20 burger patty cooking space

3. Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige 500 Gas Grill

The Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill is an excellent all-around grill. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that it will endure for a long time. The grilling area is large, with 500 square inches of grill bars (enough for 31 burgers) cooked by a quartet of powerful 12000 BTU burners. Light-up knobs and an electric ignition are just a few of the luxury features.

Dual-level stainless steel sear plates assist to properly distribute heat throughout the grill for consistently excellent cooking. The inclusion of an Accu-probe thermometer to the simple lift lid aids the cooking process as well. This is a true high-end performer, with features like infrared grills and a rotisserie. This isn't the cheapest grill of its size on the market, but it's well worth the money when you consider the lifetime warranty.

We should also highlight the sleek design - this gas grill looks great and includes thoughtful features like a properly weighted lid for simple opening, a front-accessible drip tray, and a trio of mid-burners to help distribute heat.

Why you should buy:

  • 31-burger cooking area

  • Accu-Probe temperature gauge

  • Instant JetFire Ignition


1. How much do the best gas grills cost?

A gas grill may set you back thousands of dollars. However, there are several excellent options ranging in price from $300 to $700. These are all excellent models that will prepare your meals with no difficulty.

2. Where can I keep my gas grill when I’m not using it?

You'll need a place to store it, and larger grills take up more space than smaller ones. It might be difficult to transport an oversized gas grill. Perhaps there isn't enough place in your garage or shed for it. If that's the case, you'll need to purchase a cover for it (more money). Even heavy-duty canvas coverings may be damaged by winter weather, squirrels, stray cats, and birds. Every 2-3 years, you'll likely need to get a new one.

Consider how much storage space you have. Measure it using a tape measure to be sure. Where is the storage, by the way? What about the attic? What's in the basement? On the balcony, perhaps? Consider where you'll store it before you buy it, and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble later.

3. How much gas do I need for grilling?

It's a simple fact of life that the more people you feed, the more gas you'll need. Will you be grilling for your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, children and grandchildren, or just you and your spouse? Are you cooking for the entire neighborhood or just a small group of friends? When someone comes in, you may squeak in an additional burger or hotdog on a tiny grill. If it's going to be a long-term job, though, bigger is better.

Smaller propane cylinders are used in smaller gas grills. They can rapidly run out, but a huge tank can power a large four- or six-burner grill for hours. Calculate how many hamburgers you'll need to prepare, and that will tell you what size grill you'll need.

4. How long does the pre-heating take?

Even though they use less energy, gas grills take longer to heat up than charcoal grills. When the burners are lit, turn them up to high and cook the grill for 10 to 15 minutes.

5. How long do the best gas grills last?

Though you're certainly purchasing a gas grill with this summer in mind, it's worth considering how much usage you'll get out of it in the future. Given the high temperatures used in grilling, it's unsurprising that over time, wear and tear will have an impact on the quality of your model.

Rather than thinking about replacing your gas grill as soon as it loses its luster, think about any repairs that may be made to keep it. This might involve repairing its regulator or lighting system so you can get back to flipping burgers instead of looking for a new grill.

Before you buy, make sure to check out the warranty on each possible gas grill model. Even though most grills are expected to last 5 to 15 years, it's always better to have a warranty in case something goes wrong.

Final Thoughts

After examining them and evaluating the benefits and drawbacks, we believe the Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill is our top pick. It's compact but robust, with enough space to feed an average family. It may be used on a table or on a cart, making it suitable for both apartments and houses.

However, if you're searching for the best bang for your buck, the Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill is the ideal option.

The Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige 500 Gas Grill is the best gas grill overall, but it is just suitable for one with a large budget and big party/family.

We hope the above recommendations are helpful for you to make your final decision of buying the best gas grills in 2021.

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