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May 2015
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Wild River Review Contributors

Our contributors provide the source of free-flowing ideas and streaming consciousness that give this magazine its insightful and enriching current. Get to know the writers and the artists — the thinkers — that make Wild River Review the engaging experience it is.

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Angela Ajayi
Contributing Editor
Bill Alexander
Intern/ Editorial Assistant
Laura Martin Bacon
Lauren Baker
Elizabeth Bako
Editorial Staff/Marketing
Diane Blaszka
Development Consultant
Warren Bobrow
Editor/Wild Table
Kyle Bogdan
Publicity Assistant
Angie Brenner
West Coast Editor
Bill Brokaw
Terrence Cheromcka
Deputy Editor
Constance Rose Sparrow
Advisory Board Member
Christa Constantine
Editor/Marketing/Social Media
Dale Cotton
Photo Editor
Gunter David
Contributing Writer
David Dobkin
Advisory Board Member, Dean of Faculty, Princeton University
Zein El-Amine
John Frederick
Harriet Fulbright
Advisory Board Member. President, J William and Harriet Fulbright Center
Janice Gable Bashman
Contributing Writer
Rozsa Gaston
Contributing Writer
SJ Geiger
Editorial Assistant
Gerri George
Literary Editor/ Curator of WRR@Large
Joseph Glantz
Consulting Editor
Peter Hauser
Desk Jockey
Contributing Writer
Landon Y. Jones
Edmund Keeley
Contributing Writer
Don Lafferty
Social Media Consultant
Cari Lamba
Merle Lefkoff
Advisory Board Member - President, Ars Publica
Emily Lucarelli
Intern/ Editorial Assistant
Mark Lyons
Open Borders Editor
Marina Marcello
Social Media Intern
Lauren McConnell
Assistant Editor
Fran Metzman
Contributing editor
Bradley Morewood
Kimberly Nagy
Dennis O'Donnell
Contributing Editor
Bryan Palmer
Director, WRR Web Team
John-Ivan Palmer
Denise Petti
Assistant Editor
Manuel Portillo
Open Borders Editor
Paulina Reso
Contributing Editor
Dorion Sagan
Katherine Schimmel Baki
Director of Global Partnerships
Kaitlyn Seay
Editorial Assistant
Jill Sherer Murray
Contributing Editor
Joy Stocke
WRR Editor-in-Chief
Marylou Kelly Streznewski
Contributing Writer
DJ T'challah
Contributing Writer
William Irwin Thompson
Columnist, Thinking Otherwise
Hope Tillman
Michaela Walsh
Advisory Board Member, Founding Member of the Women's World Bank
E. E. Whiting
Contributing Writer, Director of Advancement
Sarah G. Young
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