Letter from Damascus — What Will Be, Will Be

The old woman sips her coffee and complains that it is tasteless. Then she lifts her eyes from her coffee cup…”
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by Muna Imady

Interviews with the Famously Departed: Emily Dickinson

“There is no frigate like a book to take us lands way
Nor any coursers like a page of prancing Poetry.”
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by Joe Glantz

Controversial Pipeline Threatens Delaware River Basin

“By targeting preserved lands, the proposed PennEast pipeline subverts the will of New Jersey voters and flies in the face of New Jersey’s 50-year-old preservation policies…”
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by Joy Stocke and Kim Nagy

The Triple Goddess Trials – Aphrodite and the Lightbulb Factory

“And never have they steered me to the too often shaky bridge of understanding between otherwise opposing points of view—as rapidly, as entirely…”
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by Kimberly Nagy