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August 2016
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Wild River Books is an outgrowth of the online literary magazine Wild River Review and brings the finest literary voices to print through traditional and digital formats.

We welcome authors who are committed to the craft of writing and storytelling and are willing to devote the writing and editing time necessary to turn prose into art. We are especially interested in fresh perspectives and stories that speak to the interconnectedness of people and societies, what binds us, what breaks us apart, and what forces ultimately elevate us.

Through our online magazine, Wild River Review, and through Wild River Books, we nurture new writers of merit and additionally publish established writers whose work deserves to be read by a new generation.

Note: We handpick the finest authors and work with them to secure underwriting and funding partners (one recent project was generously funded by the Princeton University Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Science) for ambitious works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and memoir.

To Query us about a book project, please click here: Contact. Please be aware that we are a small publishing house and highly selective.

Titles by Wild River Books


April 2014: The Megabuilders of Queenston Park

by Edmund Keeley


April 2013: The Last Daughter of Prussia

by Marina Gottlieb Sarles


 March, 2012 - Anatolian Days and Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses, and Saints

 by Joy E. Stocke and Angie Brenner


''Compassionate, nuanced, tender and informative, this book will change your perspective on contemporary Turkey.'' --- Elif Shafak, author of The Bastard of Istanbul and Black Milk.

Ask for ADN at your local bookstore.

To Order go to: Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble.com, Or For more information, contact: Anatoliandaysandnights@gmail.com

For Press Release, Click Here: Anatolian Days and Nights 



Fall, 2014: Brief Eulogies at Roadside Shrines - Stories

by Mark Lyons


Fall, 2014: Nightwatch & Dayshift - Poems 2007-2013
by William Irwin Thompson





January 2010: Wild River Review Launches Wild River Books

Still Travels: Three Long Poems 

by William Irwin Thompson

Wild River Review announces the launch of its imprint Wild River Books with the publication of cultural philosopher and poet, William Irwin Thompson's Still Travels: Three Long Poems, a masterwork interweaving his role as social philosopher and cultural critic with his lifelong devotion to poetry.

Thompson is the 1986 winner of the Oslo International Poetry Festival Award. His acclaimed nonfiction books include At the Edge of HIstory and Passages about Earth and The Time Falling Bodies take to Light. He has made major contributions to cultural history, social criticism, the philospophy of science and the study of myth, and has described his writing and speaking style as "mind jazz on ancient texts." 

In 1972, Thompson founded the Lindisfarne Association, whose members include scientists, intellectuals, artists, mathematicians, spiritual leaders, and philosophers.

As the poet JC Todd so eloquently says about Still TravelsThe trio of poem cycles re-mine and re-mind the ancient wisdom encoded in icon folktale and myth, leading the reader to a consciousness of life beyond material life, like walking meditations and pilgrimages, Thompson's poems are song lines–timeless luminous texts that perform the lost memory of the soul."

From Still Travels: Three Long poems

A petite brunette with dark sephardic eyes,

A demiurge might try to plagarize,

For neither light nor dark could simply lock

Her spirit in matter when she sang Bach.

Her mystic beauty was all her own;

In her Leftist home God was left alone.

As a child she noted the added breath

When she asked about God or what is death                                                                    

She could tell they thought they were not yet safe.

which made her feel a war-adopted waif.

She sensed it was dangerous to be smart.

And kept her cutting mind sheathed in her heart.                                                             

If I disarmed her it was because I

had Irish answers for her every why.

In place of post-holocaust theologies,

appeared my weird occult cosmologies.  


To order, click here: Still Travels: Three Long Poems.

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