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Changing the Face of Banking

Rosa OlmedoIn the town of Rocafuerte on the northern edge of Ecuador's northwest coast - just below Colombia - twenty-six-year-old Rosa Olmedo wakes early to bake rolls and bread before getting her children ready for school. She pours water into flour and begins kneading dough. The air is heavy and warm. Low, dark clouds lie in wait off the coast portending afternoon showers over the tropical mangrove forests of Rioverde. Rosa works quickly so that her fresh-baked goods will be out of the oven before the regular customers arrive.

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Dr. Mohammed Imady – The Birth and Growth of the Damascus Stock Exchange: A Labor of Love

whiting-dse-circle Love is not a word usually associated with stock markets but the conception, birth and growth of the Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) has been nothing short of a labor of love for Dr. Mohammed Imady, former Minister of the Economy and now Chairman of the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities (SCFMS). (Originally published October 2010)

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Growing Pains: The Damascus Stock Exchange and its Second Year

damascus-stock-exchange-circle The smell of jasmine, cumin and money is in the air. I am on the other side of the world from the New York Stock Exchange, but as deep into a vibrant stock market as I could possibly be. An invitation for a private tour of the new Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) is heady, exhilarating and a bit surreal. How many people outside of Syria even know about the audacious start-up? The state of the art trading room, with its interactive kiosks and visitors gallery positioned next to the traders is like theatre in the round. (Originally published October 2010)

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Leap into the Void

I never thought that facing my worst financial fear would change my life…for the better. But what really shocked me is that my shift in perspective actually gave me greater control over my finances. Let’s just say that in the last month of my life, I’ve been humbled to realize the absolute power of facing your fear, wrapping your arms around it, and doing something about it.

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Maluche – Exploring the Early Dynamic Routes of Trade: A Sail Along the Original Information Highway Par Excellance

Schimmel - Maloche

In 1501, the Florentine explorer and navigator, Amerigo Vespucci (1454 –1512), mentions 'Maluche' in a letter he penned to the famed Lorenzo De Medici. "Maluche"or the Malaku Islands – also called the Moluccas, Melisa, Moluccas Islands or perhaps more commonly known as 'the Spice Islands' by the Europeans and Chinese – form an Indonesian archipelago and most importantly for our series, play a central role in the early exchange and dissemination of vast amounts of cultural information.

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Migration, Remittances, and Latin America: A Conversation with Three Women Who are Making a Difference

Migration, Remittances and Latin America

In much of the developed world, we no longer need to travel beyond our front yards to see the impact of Latin America in our communities. Workers from Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador work on most American farms, in restaurants, hair salons, clothing shops, grocery and chain stores. The money those workers send home in the form of remittances has become crucial in raising the standard of living for their families.

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Opening the Gates of Capitalism


Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, arrives in Quito, Ecuador, to a waiting throng of children, business people, aid workers, interpreters, journalists and photographers. Dressed in the traditional blue and white kurtah of his native Bangladesh, he smiles easily as children gather around him and camera shutters begin to click.He is embarking on a five-day, three-city speaking tour through Ecuador.

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