Slow Web

The Slow Web Movement: Wild River Review’s Philosophy on the Media

nagy-slow-web-circle How is digital-age communication affecting us physically and psychologically as a society and as individuals? Are we giving ourselves permission, time and space to finish what we start?  Is faster communication always better, particularly when it's often fraught with misunderstanding? According to a University of California study, we are now faced with approximately 34 gigabytes of information and roughly 100,000 words a day. Many of our conversations take place in half sentences on social networking sites, on cell-phones, and in text messages. Are we able to digest what we see and learn?

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Warehouse Full of Books and the Slow Web Movement

slow-movement-circle And so, in the spirit of print literature and the carnality of pulp turned to paper; and with respect for the Internet and the speed in which information travels, Wild River Review proposes launching the Slow Web Movement. Our wish is that the stories appearing in these pages remain thoughtful and timeless, encouraging readers to think and act in new ways. We want to remind ourselves and each other that there is great virtue in slowing down, even when (and perhaps because) the amount and extent of information at our fingertips has never been greater.

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