Sarah Weatherall

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Sarah Weatherall is the writer & director short films: How I Became Indian [1996] [16mm, 12 mins, which won a silver-plaque at the Chicago Film Festival and was broadcast on BBC2 & Canal+], and Last Days of the Post Office, [35mm, 12 mins] [2000].

For her own theatre company, Lightning Ensemble, she has produced: Private View, [2003], The Mayday [2004, 2007]. In addition she devised theatre performances for: The Sonnets Project, The Chess Players, and The Mobsters’ Orchestra. Her radio plays include: Out Catching Criminals [2007, Resonance FM], Brentlife, and a radio-soap recorded on the streets of Harlesden, North London [2007, Life 103.6 FM]. Her radio play, Storm, is currently in development with BBC Radio.

by Sarah Weatherall

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