Wild River Review – Not Currently Accepting Submissions

We thank you for reading Wild River Review and for considering sharing your work with us.

Since 2006, Wild River Review and our team of writers, editors and designers has sought to raise awareness and compassion as well as inspire engagement through the power of stories and image.

For twelve years we have published opinion, interviews, features, fiction and poetry highlighting some of the world’s finest writers, artists, poets and changemakers, and have focused on underreported issues and perspectives.

We have published the finest content with a very small paid staff and mostly highly qualified volunteers all of whom believed in our mission to: Connect People, Places and Ideas – Story by Story.

Publishing Wild River Review has become prohibitively expensive. Therefore, as we clarify our goals and mission we will not be accepting submissions.

We thank you for considering our publication and hope you will continue to read the hundreds of articles and photo-essays currently live on our website.


The Editorial Team