The Wild River Review Launches and Talented Young Writers Triumph

WRR 2006

New online publication promotes the forgotten art of first bylines (and much more!)

February 28, 2006 (Philadelphia, PA) – Wild River Review, a major new online publication, ( launched successfully in mid-February, presenting exclusive interviews with literary giants such as Turkish novelist, Orhan Pamuk, essays and poetry by internationally known writers and thinkers, such as William Irwin Thompson, and some of the freshest literary and artistic talent around.

Take Tramon Crofford, a 27-year-old Chicago-based writer, whose debut short story, Elephants, is an achingly raw portrait of two young sisters abandoned by their mother, left to irregular and abusive care by their emotionally shattered father. When the sisters sneak into daddy’s room to unwrap a gun he had put in his mouth in front of them, for a heart-stopping moment the reader sees the world through the eyes of a child.

Crofford graduated with a B.A. in Creative Writing last May, when she was awarded the John Gerrietts Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. Though she has been writing all her life, Crofford has not been published before.

“This is a tremendous honor and opportunity for me,” says Crofford, who was inspired to write Elephants after mentoring children and working with families in the Chicago “Kraft Great Kids” inner city program. “I write because I need to write. It’s a life-long pursuit, but to actually get published feels just amazing.”

Wild River Review bucks the current trend working against talented unpublished writers who seek to break into the market by proudly showcasing new talent in sections entitled “First Bylines” where unpublished writers of any age can get their first professional byline, and “Wild Child,” especially for young writers ages 12-20.

In addition to fiction, essays, poetry, interviews, and comics, Wild River Review will regularly feature blogs by seasoned journalists, cutting-edge art, photos, and graphics, columns and international features, and much more.

Joy Stocke and Jonathan Maberry, Co-Founders and Co-Editors in Chief, envision Wild River Review’s mission as a quest to find new talent, in addition to showcasing established writers and artists.

“New ideas and trends come from young writers synthesizing the thoughts, values, morals, and dreams of their generation,” says Stocke. “Often, young writers have been working to hone their craft and haven’t yet broken into the market. These are the writers we wish to showcase in our quest to find the next Arundhati Roy, Dave Eggers, or Zadie Smith.”

Wild River Review maintains a quarterly theme but updates content throughout each month. The publication continually searches for and offers high-quality inventive voices, experimental themes, diverse subjects, and riveting images from around the world. It is the creation of a team of professional writers, artists, and web designers who form the eclectic cabal known as the Wild River Gang.
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