Home and the High Road: Wild River Announces Finalists and Award-Winning Proverbs

March 2012

In celebration of the release of “Anatolian Days and Nights”, Wild River Review is happy to announce the seven finalists as well as the three winners of the Pen Your Own Proverb Contest!

All of these insightful proverbs were invented by our creative followers!

The runners up are:

William Irwin Thompson: “Being in love is like eating baklava: stretched thin, sticky, and really nutty.”

baklava - sticky

Regina Ford: “It is easier for people to share their beds than their hearts because condoms are cheaper than therapy.”

wrb-home-2012-2-Gulhane Park, Istanbul, Blue Mosque

Kelly McQuain: “You’re not a writer just because you have a favorite pen”


Lynda Treger: “Home is the place where your secrets are embraced.”


And the winners are:

Third Place

Patrick Young: “See what is seen by those who see, hear what is said by those who speak, feel what is felt by those who touch”


Second Place

Julie Luongo: “The way home is often both the high road and the short cut.”


First Place

Kelly McQuain: “The finer details are lost on those who paint with broad brushes.”


*These pictures are from the Anatolian Days and Nights fan page: