James A. Freeman

James A. Freeman

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James A. Freeman is a transplanted Shasta County, Californian who, for twenty-five years, has taught Language and Literature and Philosophy at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA. The author of fifteen books, Mr. Freeman’s own favorite fiction titles are Ishi’s Journey — From the Center to the Edge of the World (Naturegrah), Never the Same River Twice (Charles B. McFadden), and Parade of Days.

In a 5/5/05 Philadelphia Inquirer review of Parade of Days, reviewer Marc Shagol wrote, “The engaging characters’ stories stay with you for days.” Books Editor Frank Wilson, writing of the reissued Ishi’s Journey in a 1/6/06 review as his “Editor’s Pick,” said: “This is a wise and wonderful book. The descriptions are lovingly precise, and the whole novel is a moving elegy for Ishi, the last wild Indian in North America, and of his vanished people. If this book doesn’t sometimes make you smile and also move you to tears, then you are in need of a heart transplant.”

Jim lives in Newtown, PA with his daughter Kellie, one dog, one thoroughbred horse, and a cockatiel. His new collection of poems Fire in the Hole is forthcoming, as is his new novel Liars Tale of True Love.

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