Born in Cusco, Peru, Odi Gonzales is an award-winning poet who writes in both Quechua and Spanish. He is the author of seven collections of poems, most recently Avenida sol/Greenwich village. His collection Birds on the Kiswar Tree [La Escuela de Cusco] was released by 2Leaf Press in 2014 in a bilingual edition with English translation by Lynn Levin. Gonzales is the recipient of Peru’s César Vallejo National Poetry Prize and the Prize in Poetry from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos de Lima. Gonzales’s work is represented in two of the newest and most prominent anthologies of Latin American poetry, The FSG Book of Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry and The Oxford Book of Latin American Poetry. He teaches Quechua language and culture and prehispanic literature of the Andean region at New York University.

Odi Gonzales in this Edition

POETRY –The Marriage of Don Martín De Loyola and Doña Beatriz Ñusta: Anonimo – The Compañía Church, Cusco