John Timpane is the Media Editor/Writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer. His work has appeared in Sequoia, The Fox Chase Review, Cleaver, Apiary, Painted Bride QuarterlyThe Philadelphia Review of Books, The Rathalla ReviewPer ContraVocabula Review, and elsewhere. Books include (with Nancy H. Packer) Writing Worth Reading (NY: St. Martin, 1994), It Could Be Verse (Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed, 1995), (with Maureen Watts and the Poetry Center of Cal State San Francisco) Poetry for Dummies, and (with Roland Reisley) Usonia, N.Y.: Building a Community with Frank Lloyd Wright (NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2000), plus a poetry chapbook, Burning Bush (Ontario, Canada: Judith Fitzgerald/Cranberry Tree, 2011). His e-mail band, Car Radio Dog, has just released its second CD, Back to the Bone.  He is spouse to Maria-Christina Keller, and they are parents of Pilar and Conor.

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