Born in Sierra Leone West Africa, Bob came to the United States with his missionary parents when he was eight years old. He attended school and college in Cleveland Ohio. He then pursued a career in business after earning an MBA. This career took him back to Africa, and then to many countries around the world. While working for ITT Corp he rose to become a Corporate Vice President.

After retirement Bob taught management and marketing at City University of New York and Ramapo College, and at the same time attended New York University’s writing program.

His first book, “Daddy Big Bucks,” tells the story of a wily black shoe shine man who turns out to be a millionaire. Bob’s second book, Haunted by Africa, is a memoir of his relationship with his father and with his son, a reflection of how he was able to forgive and then be forgiven.

Bob’s current work-in-progress is, “Black Sugar: How Sugar started and Sustained the Slave System for Four Centuries.”

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