Marina Gottlieb Sarles

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Marina Gottlieb Sarles grew up in The Bahamas. Her stories draw inspiration from her childhood in the islands, where her parents who emigrated from East Prussia were the village doctor and nurse. Formally trained in Europe and the United States, Marina studied physical therapy and energy healing. A former faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she has conducted personal enrichment seminars in Japan, America, and The Bahamas. ESPN produced a special feature segment for their True Outdoor Adventures series based on her short story Peter and The Shark. Her short story, The Circumstantial Dentist, was published by Macmillan Caribbean in the collection, Under the Perfume Tree. She is a regular contributing writer of feature stories for Grand Bahama ISLAND Magazine, and a contributor to the online magazine, Wild River Review. After spending time abroad, Marina has returned to her roots in the northern Bahamas where she lives with her husband, James, and their son, Nikolai. She is currently completing a novel set in her family’s homeland, East Prussia, during WWII.

by Marina Gottlieb Sarles

Fiction: Last Daughter of Prussia

Essay: Auschwitz, Stuttholf, and Remembrance

Bahamian Salad Saga