Tramon Crofford

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Tramon Crofford recently graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a BA in English/Creative Writing where she received the John Gerrietts Award for Excellence in Creative Writing.Elephants is her first published fiction. She lives in Chicago and has a love/hate relationship with the city. She grew up in a rural area where she feels her true home is, but the city has so much to teach her and so much to offer in that there is a huge population where no two people are alike. She likes the mystery and anonymity of the city, and often catches glimpses or scenes, but seldom gets the whole picture. Since there are so many different ways to fill in the blanks, she can never be too sure what is reality (and what is dream/memory). She likes to revisit a moment in time, but her memory is not always as reliable as she’d like it to be: the colors, moods, motivations and outcomes all change blending into a daydream.

by Tramon Crofford