Fran Metzman is the author of, THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES, a novel entitled, UGLY COOKIES (co-authored with Joy Stocke) to be published in e-book format by Wild River Books. Also, she has published numerous short stories in various literary journal, and essays. She is fiction editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal, has led workshops and taught about working with small presses at Rosemont College on the Main Line near Philadelphia. At work on a new novel, Metzman says that while truth may be stranger than fiction, fiction unleashes the unconscious.

As the Wild River Review’s Sexy G, Fran addresses her thoughts on relationships, women’s issues, and mature dating in her column, THE AGE OF REASONABLE DOUBT. She focuses on the complexities of relationships. Her work is based on scholarly research and a master’s degree in Social Gerontology from the University of Pennsylvania.