Fire in the Head: Brigit’s Mysterious Spark


“…And the poems erased the stutters and pain. And the words loved me and I loved them in return.” Sonia Sanchez

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Aphrodite and the Lightbulb Factory


I was a moody twelve year old, but I remember life blooming into full color when SHE walked into my room. Amongst scattered lipgloss containers, soccer balls and stuffed animals, hours with my best girlfriend would melt into minutes.

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Me and Medusa


“I saw you once, Medusa; we were alone. I looked you straight in the cold eye, cold.

I was not punished, was not turned to stone - How to believe the legends I was told?"

-May Sarton

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Meeting Virginia Woolf at the Strand

“Literature is no one's private ground: literature is common ground. It is not cut up into nations; there are no wars there. Let us trespass freely and fearlessly and find our own way for ourselves." —Virginia Woolf

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Kali’s Ancient Love Song


“Compared to romantic love, active love is something severe and terrifying.” — The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Goddess of Milk and Honey

tg-photoBlurb-Milk-and-Honey“Mommy, I ate ice cream as a baby, right?”

The half-mumbled question came as I was watching my daughter polish off her night-time snack at our kitchen counter. “Noooooo. You didn’t eat ice cream until much later. You know that!” I teased. “You nursed.”

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Syrinx and the River


In the dream, a shadow chased her into the river… running, running, oh running until she glided into the silk of water… the splash where she felt her limbs melt in open darkness, and she lost track of her heartbeat, her feet, her fingers.

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