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Age of Reasonable Doubt

wrr-blog-circle We, of the menopausal set, have arrived! I give a raised fist in salute. Society is finally recognizing that there can be hot sex for the mature woman. Get this! We’re totally ripe for romance. Gail Sheehy’s new book, Sex and the Seasoned Woman, shoots down the myth that older women turn into stereotypical Grannies and shrivel up.

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Diary of a Writer in Midlife Crisis


Hello, my name is Jill Sherer and I’m a writer in crisis. A woman who, just one year ago, reached mid life and panicked like somebody glued to New Jersey Transit, train track 11. I chucked a corporate job, a city (Chicago, where I lived for 20 years), an 11-year boyfriend, and a steady paycheck — all to be closer to my family who lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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