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Best Steam Vacuums 2024: Top picks by experts

Scroll down to see our list of 13 best steam vacuums compiled by our qualified experts. Listed below includes many famous brands on the market, such as Moolan, Bissell, PurSteam World's Best Steamers, Vacmaster, McCulloch, BLACK+DECKER, Shark, Vapamore.

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When it comes to deep cleaning the house, a vacuum cleaner is not enough. All stains, dirt and grime can be removed with the best steam vacuums. Steam vacuums are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning up your home with minimal effort. All steam cleaners use water and heat to clean and sanitize. But how can you know which steam vacuum is ideal for you?

Therefore, the following list describes some of the best steam vacuums on the market to help you narrow down your choices and to find one that best suits your needs and environment.

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A steam cleaner is a great choice if you want to clean and sanitize both hard and soft surfaces in your home without using chemicals. These cleaning tools eliminate dirt, bacteria, allergies, and more with a burst of superheated steam. A steam cleaner, which is commonly used on flooring, upholstery, bathroom fixtures, tile, and other common touch surfaces, is a simple method to sterilize and refresh your home. They're very useful for cleaning the grout between floor, shower, and backsplash tiles.

On the other hand, choosing the right air purifier can be tricky. There are a number of charts, studies, and certifications on air cleaners. It is essential to sift through all the data and make the right decisions. Here are some key factors to think about first to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

1. Types of steam vacuum

Steam mops, cylinder steam vacuum, and two-in-one steam vacuums are different types of steam vacuums. You can alter the steam setting on steam vacuums depending on what you're cleaning. Look for models that include accessories like grout cleaners and squeegees to help you tackle more jobs.

  • Steam mops are smaller and heat up faster, but their small tanks require frequent refilling.

  • Cylinder steam cleaners are bulkier, but they have wheels, larger tanks, and greater power.

  • Two-in-one steam cleaners are similar to steam mops, but they include detachable handheld units that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cleaning kitchen countertops and bathtubs.

2. Size and Weight

Keep in mind when it comes to handheld steam vacuums, there is one essential key word: handheld. This implies that the user will be lifting and holding the steamer while it does the job of cleaning whatever in its path. The added water can make a handheld vacuum more difficult to utilize if the reservoir is large. Since holding a steam cleaner for a long time might be tough, look for one with a comfortable handle and easy-to-reach buttons or switches.

It's also important to think about the accessories that come with a steamer. Look for ones that are big enough to reach into the areas you need while compact enough to store with the handheld vacuum when not in use.

3. Power

Some steam vacuums have more pressure just as some vacuum cleaners have more suction. Higher pressure can help with cleaning, but if a user is not careful, it can potentially cause damage. To be sure of the amount of power used while deep cleaning through the house, conduct a small test of the material in an inconspicuous location; for example, when testing a sofa, test a patch on the back of the furniture. Test with several power levels until you find one that cleans without causing damage.

Now, we present to you a list of the best steam vacuums in 2021.



1. Best Steam Vacuums: Shark S3504AMZ Steam Pocket Mop

Shark, also known as SharkNinja, is a famous household appliance brand. The company, which was founded in 2003, produces a wide range of vacuum cleaners and steam mops that are all designed to fit the busy people's lifestyles. The Shark S3504AMZ Steam Pocket Mop is designed to get rid of dirt and grime. In fact, without using any chemicals, its super-heated steam can eliminate up to 99.9% of all germs and bacteria.

- In just 30 seconds, a natural mopping motion produces super-heated steam that dries almost instantly.

- No more messy mops or heavy buckets with two washable microfibre pads, one rectangular and one triangle, that lift and lock in dirt.

- All sealed hard-floor surfaces, including hardwood floors, can be safely cleaned.

2. Best Steam Vacuums: Hoover PowerDash FH50700

The PowerDash FH50700 from Hoover is perfect for pet owners who don't have a lot of carpet or furniture to clean. It scrubs out  stains and uses heat to speed up the drying process.

A low-profile foot allows you to reach underneath furniture, as well as a removable nozzle and a compact shape. Antimicrobial protection is built into the brush roller to prevent bad odors.

- For efficient cleaning and storage, the design is lightweight and compact.

- Pet messes, high-traffic locations, and small spaces all benefit from this product.

- HeatForce helps your carpets dry faster so you can get back on them sooner.

 - 2x the cleaning power of a competitive light carpet

3. Best Steam Vacuums: Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution 1986

Bissell’s ProHeat 2X Revolution full-size carpet cleaner is ideal for homes with several pets and a large number of cleaning areas. It just weighs 18 pounds and is small enough to fit under and around most furniture. It includes an upholstery tool that  sucks up pet hair and scrubs out vomit, pee, and feces stains.

- In Maximum Cleaning Mode, it features 12 rows of rotating Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes that provide professional-grade cleaning by deeply removing stains, dirt and odors.

- Your carpet should be dry in about half an hour if you utilize Express Clean Mode.

- Attack the Most Difficult Spots. Activate the CleanShot pretreater to send a concentrated stream of cleaning solution to the exact location where you need it.



1. How often should I steam vacuum the carpet? 

A general rule of thumb is to have your carpet steam cleaned professionally at least once a year, and twice if the carpet shows signs of heavy dirt accumulation. This ensures a deep cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dirt. In between steam cleaning sessions, vacuum once or twice a week to maintain cleanliness.

2. How long does a steam vacuum last?

Your residential steam vacuum should last about 5 years with regular use and proper maintenance, while an industrial steam vacuum should last about 8 years. Always refer to the instruction manual before performing any maintenance to ensure that you get the most out of your steam vacuum and that it is properly maintained.

3. What NOT to clean with steam vacuums?

- Anything, such as water-based paint or cardboard, that can be damaged because of heat exposure.

- Large industrial spaces or food plants

- Delicate products like silks, thin plastics, and velour upholstery.

4. How do I maintain a steam vacuum?

- Before and after each usage, wipe down your steam vacuum with a moist towel. This will help keep dust and other airborne particles from accumulating in your home while it is in use.

- If you're using a steam mop, drain the tank after each use and allow it to air dry before resealing the plug and storing the steam mop.

- Do not use any chemicals or soaps in your steam vacuum. The only time you should add anything other than water to the machine is while descaling it (following the advice outlined of the instruction).

- Descale your machine. Because water contains minerals, which can be left behind (in the form of limescale) in your steam vacuum's boiler, causing it to perform poorly.

5. Why is my steam vacuum not working?

A faulty heating element is a common cause of your steam vacuum not working. Your steam vacuum will not produce steam if the heater has ruptured or burned out. 

It may seem obvious, but a steam vacuum that doesn't function is frequently due to a lack of power. Make sure the steam vacuum is connected to a working power outlet and that no fuses or breakers need to be reset.

If it makes sounds like a kettle boiling but does not deliver steam when operating, the steam vacuum may be blocked due to a build-up of limescale from hard water.

Final Thoughts


A multi-purpose steam cleaner can help speed up cleaning times of everything from hard surfaces to windows and kitchen equipment, and they're also better for the environment because they don't require any additional detergents or cleaning chemicals. When high-pressure steam is used to a surface, it produces a ‘dry' steam that removes dirt and grease without the need of chemicals.

Finally, each of the best steam vacuums we've mentioned above is a great offering in the market. 

The Shark S3504AMZ Steam Pocket Mop is the best budget-friendly steam vacuum for floors. It is about two-thirds the price of our top selection for steam cleaning floors. Although the cable is shorter, the water tank is smaller, and the steam release is manual, you still receive the same quick heating time, washable pads, and superb performance.

The Hoover PowerDash FH50700 is a compact, lightweight steam vacuum that does an excellent job. It made vacuuming carpets such a simple task that any member of the family could complete.

The Bissell’s ProHeat 2X Revolution full-size carpet cleaner is an exceptional Bissell product that has been specially optimized for pet hair. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that improve its cleaning efficiency, ensuring it is capable of completely and thoroughly removing pet hair from your home.

We hope the above information is helpful in helping you make your final decision while choosing the best steam vacuums.

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