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Top Best Sprinkler Head For Large Lawn - Your Guide in 2022

Your current sprinkler head is incapable of your extended garden, and it frustrates you by not covering all parts of your garden uniformly. It’s time you look at another one that would be the best sprinkler head for a large lawn.



1. TOP BUDGET: Biswing Impact Sprinkler Head on Tripod Base

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  • Large Water Coverage 
  • Humanized Design 
  • Compatibility 
  • Durability 
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One reason this Biswing Impact Sprinkler Head on Tripod Base is recommended for large lawns is its coverage area. The coverage ranges from 20 to 35 feet in radius, which is ideal for large gardens. 

Besides, high-quality metal construction strongly enhances this sprinkler head’s durability. 

Also, the versatile design is a factor that is worth taking into consideration. The tripods of the sprinkler are adjustable, and they can be changed from 16 to 37-inch height through release clip legs. 

Additionally, a gooseneck-shaped connector makes connecting the sprinkler with the hose easier. 

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2. BEST SELLER: Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit 

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  • Automatic Watering 
  • Maneuverability
  • Quick & Easy Installation 
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The Rain Bird 32ETI is the best-seller sprinkler head for large lawn for a reason. With this sprinkler head, you won’t have to spend hours watering your extensive garden. Instead, you can take time to play with your kids and leave the whole watering tasks to the Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit. 

Thanks to advanced technology, this sprinkler controller can automatically set up a watering schedule following the weather conditions and water your lawn using that schedule. 

Besides, if you have a headache with moving sprinkler problems, this Rain Bird sprinkler head will help you solve this issue with a compact and versatile design.  

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3. TOP-RATED: Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

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  • Leading Brand Name
  • Time & Cost Efficiency 
  • Fast & Convenient Installation 
  • Sturdiness 
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This sprinkler will surely satisfy your needs if you are concerned about consistent and comprehensive watering. With the Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology, this sprinkler head is one of the best-performance sprinkler heads for large lawns in terms of uniform and large watering. 

Besides, the partial-circle and the pop-up rotor is highly suggested for large-sized gardens since its water spray can reach 50 feet maximum. Moreover, its precise watering quality helps save time and cost since no unnecessary water usage is wasted. 

What’s more, the convenience is strongly proven through a straightforward installation with very detailed instructions.

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If you are still confused about the criteria to look at when it comes to purchasing, you definitely need the below list that we’ve prepared for you. Hopefully, after reading the list, you can buy the best sprinkler head for your large garden

1. Suitability

Since you are looking for the optimal sprinkler head for extensive gardens, it is often recommended that you buy the tripod sprinklers whose height can be adjusted to fit the garden’s size. 

2. Maneuverability

If your garden has several sections that need watering, moving the sprinkler may be necessary. Therefore, a sprinkler with high maneuverability is a good choice for you. 

3. Budget

Although the most effective sprinkler heads for large lawns aren't criminally expensive, it is not too cheap to buy a sprinkler head without careful consideration. Typically, a sprinkler head may cost from $100 to $200 for high qualities and features that suit a large lawn. 


1. What is the farthest spray a sprinkler head can have? 

According to rankings, the farthest spray that was recorded is 101 feet in radius, which belongs to the I-90 Hunter sprinkler rotor. 

2. What are the most recommendable sprinklers for a big yard? 

The rotary, impact, and tripod sprinkler heads deliver the best performance in large gardens among various types of sprinkler heads. 

3. How can I adjust the water pressure in the sprinkler system? 

Actually, it is very easy to modify the water pressure if necessary. All you need to do is rotate the sprinkler valve to the level of water pressure that you want. The whole process can be done manually. 


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