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The Best Slow Cooker Under $100 in 2021: Top-Rated & Reviews

The 21 Best Slow Cooker Under $100 on the market are researched and tested by our prime experts to help you make the best choice. You will be interested in the Best Slow Cooker Under $100 in 2021. Listed below you will see major brands as: Hamilton Beach, Instant Pot, Magic Mill, Crock-Pot, Cuisinart, West Bend, KitchenAid, Presto, Elite Gourmet, KOOC.

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Throughout humans' history, we have seen many devices in the category of cooking appliances. We have the oven for baking things, the microwave to heat up food in a very short time, the stove to fry your chickens, etc. 

In this article, Wild River Review will talk about the slow cooker, which is a device made specifically for foods that don’t want to be cooked in minutes or a short time in general. Then, we will introduce to all of our readers the best slow cookers under $100. Let’s find out the best slow cooker under $100 for 2021 via advice from experts.


Buying Guides

1. The control center of the slow cooker

There are two types of slow cookers, which are manual control type and the automatic type. Most people prefer automatic types of slow cookers; however, we will tell you which is which and the advantages of each.

  • Manual slow cooker: This type of slow cooker offers you at least two buttons: the temperature button and the time button. You are all free to select the temperature based on your food or your recipe and set the timeout for the machine. The clock once it goes off will automatically cut the power to the cooker, thus, stop the cooking process.
  • Automatic slow cooker: This type is usually more expensive than the other. We often have more than ten preset modes of cooking, most of them include hot pot mode, soup mode, rice cooking mode, … You can choose from the predefined modes or set the temperature manually. Besides, you also have a digital clock which tells you the remaining time of the cooking process.

We also see the Bluetooth mode in automatic slow cookers that enables users to the whole new world of controlling the cookers using your smartphone.

2. The capacity of the slow cookers

The capacity of the cookers is not usually measured by milliliters or gallons but quarts. The capacity should be between 4 quarts to 10 quarts. Here’s the most popular sizes of slow cookers:

  • 4 - 6 quarts: 4 to 5 quart slow cookers are designed for small families in the case of making small meals. Typically, you don’t normally see this type of slow cooker on the market.
  • 6 - 8 quarts: 6-cup to 8-cup slow cookers are the “normal-sized” slow cookers, which suit families with up to 4 members. This type of cooker is designed for small turkeys, soup or things with the same size.
  • More than 8 quarts: The large slow cookers are designed for big families or for foods that require lots of space. This type of cooker is usually big and heavy.

3. The wattage

The wattage denotes the power of the slow cooker or how powerful it is in terms of cooking. Note that the more power rate the cooker features, the more money in the electricity you have to pay.

  • Less than 400W motors: This type of cooker is usually graded as weak and not enough for dishes that require high power. It should be perfect for cooking soup or sauce but not turkey or beef.
  • 400W - 1200W: Average power taken by the slow cooker. The type of slow cooker usually has the size of 6 to 8 quarts.
  • 1200W - 2000W: Powerful slow cookers for all kinds of food you have in mind. However, powerful cookers might be too powerful sometimes, and they can overwhelm your electricity grid.


In conclusion, you don’t always have to choose the strongest or the most powerful cooker on the market but you should choose what is best for you and your family.

4. The material

Slow cookers can be made out of plastic or metal. Personally, we prefer using plastic slow cookers because of their safety features. However, here is the description of them all.

  • Plastic frame: Plastic cookers are obviously hotter, uglier than metal cookers, but plastic does not conduct electricity, thus, results in a much safer cooking appliance
  • Metal frame: Metal frames are strong but more dangerous to electricity. Although the anti-conductor chemicals are used, there is no guarantee that it would not shock you when your hands are not dry.

5. The design

This section mainly refers to the size of the slow cookers, which you need to know if your kitchen has enough room to hold the device. slow cookers would not take much space, but it is a thing to be noticed.

  • You should not put the slow cooker near electricity cords, because the heat would cause a fire in your apartment.
  • You should not put the slow cooker near the refrigerator or something that also generates a lot of heat, which would make a very hot corner in your kitchen.
  • You should use the sockets that can handle a strong flow of current, because the slow cooker takes up a lot of power. Therefore, you don’t want your net to be overloaded.


The best slow cookers under $100 reviewed in 2021

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Slow Cooker

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Cooker from Instant Pot is a seven in one cooker that can act as a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a saute, a yogurt maker, a sterilizer and a warmer. Whenever you want the device to do anything, you just have to set it to the corresponding mode and you’ll be all set. 

The model is offered in four sizes, including 3 quarts, 6 quarts, 8 quarts and 10 quarts, measuring 14.8 inches x 13.18 inches x 10.4 inches. The device features 13 Smart Touch customizable programs for cooking ribs, soups, rice, or beans, and many more. The product is designed with a stainless steel frame and inner pot, which supports the heater to cook food 70% faster than traditional cookers. 

Finally, we have the overheat protection and safe-locking lid feature that would automatically stop or prevent the cooker from starting if it detects overheating or opens the lid. For the manual, you have a free app that will provide you with hundreds of recipes you can use.

  • 8 quarts (3/6/10 available)
  • 4 years of protection for additional 15 dollars
  • 10+ protection features including safe-locking lid
  • 14 automatic modes
  • Dishwasher safe

2. Crock Pot Slow Cooker|8 Quart Programmable

Crock Pot Slow Cooker|8 Quart Programmable is suggested by the name that it defines itself as an automatic and programmable slow cooker. On the outside of the slow cooker, we see the modern logo of Crock Pot, the digital clock and a few controlling buttons that allow you to customize the mode you want to cook your food with. There is only one color black offered by the model.

On the inside, it features a capacity of 8 quarts. The pot is shaped like an oval, which is more suitable for cribs, meat or beef than soups for rice. The item dimensions are 9.5 inches x 15.4 inches x 15.3 inches. With this size, it is enough to prepare food for more than 10 people without a doubt.

As for the programs, the digital timer can count up to 20 hours. We don’t believe you have something to cook for more than 20 hours. The lid is removable and can be cleaned safely with a dishwasher.


Finally, along with the traditional manual, we also have some recipes included in the recipe book.

  • Digital clock that counts to 20 hours
  • 8 quarts
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe lid
  • Recipe included in the box

3.Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Set & Forget Digital Programmable Slow Cooker

The next item in the list of the best slow cookers under $100 comes from the brand Hamilton in the lineup called Beach. The Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Slow Cooker is made of stainless steel with the silver color with the dimensions to be 11.25 inches x 17.5 inches x 11.75 inches. 

The item is oval shaped and features tons of new technology. The slow cooker allows you to set a specific time and temperature to run and automatically switch to warm mode when the clock runs to zero.

The highlighted feature about this device is the patented temperature probe that would include a device called the temperature probe and when it’s placed into meat, the meat will be cooked at a precise temperature as shown on the digital display. 

The slow cooker is obviously made with the safe-locking lid which would not turn on if the lid is not set in place. The cooker features a 6 quarts capacity pot that is perfect for a chicken or some beef.

  • 6 quarts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Patented temperature probe
  • Stainless Steel
  • Manual type of slow cooker

4. Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook

This is another option from Crock Pot, but this time, we will introduce a budget choice for the best slow cooker under $100. This Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook has a capacity of 5.68 liters or 6 quarts. This size of pot claims to be enough to serve at least 7 people in a meal. The product, as being an affordable design, measures only 9.9 inches x 15.2 inches x 15.2 inches.


To make the good price, Crock Pot could not get the automatic features involved; however, you do have the manual way to set the temperature for the slow cooker. The settings are divided into the high range, the low range and the warm range. Unfortunately, it does not feature a clock for you to turn the cooker off automatically. 

Finally, the lid is advertised to be capable of locking and standing fine in a dishwasher. Thumbs up for the brand for making such a product at this price.

  • Affordable price
  • 6 quarts + compact design
  • Manual control
  • Unfortunately, no clock featured



1. How much capacity do I need?

It highly depends on how many people you are trying to serve.

  • Less than 4 people: We advise you to choose a slow cooker with 4 quart capacity or lower
  • Less than 10 people: You should choose a slow cooker with a 5 - 8 quart pot.
  • More than 10 people: Depending on the number of people, you should consider a 10 or 12 quart slow cooker or using two small separated slow cookers.

2. What about the warranty of my device?

The slow cookers usually come with one year of warranty. Slow cookers, as other kitchen appliances, do break sometimes. Therefore, our advice for you is to choose a respected brand with a really cool warranty policy. There are also options for you to extend your warranty period by paying an extra 10 dollars or 15 dollars.

3. My slow cooker doesn’t work. What can I do?

If your slow cooker doesn’t work, the procedure for your should be as below:

  • Unplug your slow cooker. This step is extremely important because if the processor doesn’t work due to some electric malfunctionality, you should be safe by unplugging the power cord.
  • Check the buttons or settings whether you have set the right settings or not.
  • Check the lid. Modern cookers should simply not work if the lid is not closed. There is a little trigger on the lid itself, physical or magnetic, designed for the device to check if the lid is on, and if the trigger doesn’t work, the processor doesn’t work.
  • Check the power cord. Using the wrong voltage could not only result in the processor not working but result in the processor getting damaged. 
  • Finally, if all of the above don’t work for you, take it to the professional repair store.

4. Can I repair my slow cooker at home?

Yes, of course. As long as you have some knowledge about electricity and a cooker, you can do it. However, it is highly not recommended because you would lose your warranty or break the device for eternity.

5. When do I need to clean my slow cooker?

It is recommended by scientists that you should clean your slow cookers right after you have finished working with it. Leaving the food inside the pot for long might be an ideal environment for bacteria or mold.

To clean the cooker, take the pot and the lid out and clean them using the dishwasher. As for the rest of the device, use a cloth and the specially designed cleansing product to make it shine.


Final Thoughts

Slow cookers are the devices that no one can live without. The slow cookers make perfect soups, chicken or the perfect turkey that we used to know. We have talked about the specifications, how to choose the best online, and here are our finally picks for the best slow cooker under $100:

These are the best slow cookers under $100. I hope that this guide is helpful to you when choosing the cooker for your kitchen. See you in the next recommendations and be sure to check out other reviews as well. Don't forget to share with me the best slow cooker under $100 that you like!


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