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Best Mens Mountain Bike Helmets 2022: Expert's Choices

Think your old mountain bike helmet doesn’t protect you well or look bad on you? Lucky for you! Today, we will present you with a buying checklist of the best men’s mountain bike helmets in 2022. These bike helmets will satisfy all your needs and allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Read more to see our great recommendations!



1. BEST SELLER: Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet


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  • EPS foam liner helps fit your head perfectly
  • The foam liner can be removed and washed
  • Air Flow Vents: 13
  • MIPS integrated, and helmet bag included
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The first one is currently a best-seller product in BMX Helmets on Amazon. This helmet is designed to offer you a superior fit of your head shape thanks to the EPS foam liner. You can remove and wash the foam liner as you wish.

There are 13 Air Flow Vents placed, which prevents you from getting head sweat on hot summer days. For those who are worried about its protection ability, this helmet is integrated with MIPS. It can protect against multi-directional impact.

This is also a full-face mountain bike helmet, in which it covers and protects you completely. 

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2. BEST RUNNER UP: Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet


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  • Adjustable visor and ABS SHELL CONSTRUCTION.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FULL-FACE: Provide comfort and safety for BMX or dirt jump riders who want a smaller size and profile
  • Used for bicycles only
  • 15 air vent holes
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Our second suggestion on the best men’s mountain bike helmet list is another full-face bike helmet. Full-face helmets tend to be bulky and heavy, but this one is claimed to be lightweight. 

If you are a dirt jump rider and look for a small size and profile, you can feel comfortable and safe wearing this. 15 air vent holes are put in to help you have the freedom and coolness on the trip.

This will be a great option for you as long as you use it with bicycles. The manufacturer stated that this helmet is designed only for bicycle use.

If you are not a fan of full-face helmets, there are half-face ones.

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3. BEST VERSATILITY: POC, Tectal Race Spin, Helmet for Mountain Biking


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  • A trail-specific helmet for all types of riding, including freeride and enduro
  • The integrated RECCO reflector utilizes radar to detect you fast and bring you medical attention if you get hurt.
  • SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside), a silicone pad technology device that POC is attempting to patent 
  • 360° size and strap adjustment system
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This is a half-face mountain bike helmet, but it covers the most important places of the head. The product is invented to have more coverage at the temples and back of the head.

The helmet is integrated with RECCO to locate where you get injured, which is relied on by global rescue services. Even on sweltering summer days, the helmet’s special ventilation channels keep you cool.

It has a high-performance unibody PC shell, which helps to optimize the strength and protection while maintaining its low weight.

This helmet is categorized as the best versatility in our best men's mountain bike helmet list for a reason, right? Add this to your cart now!



The prices of the products are just right at the moment when we check. They are subject to changes by the Seller, so some may be slightly different from those found on Amazon when you see them. Please note that they are just for reference. If you want to know the exact price, don't hesitate to check Amazon. 


Still haven’t decided yet? No worries, this buying guide section will inform you of some of the key criteria to find your own best mountain bike helmet for men.

1. Types of mountain bike helmets

There are two main types of mountain bike helmets, which are full-face and half-face helmets. The former is for those who need complete protection and coverage for their head. Meanwhile, a person who loves lightweight and well-ventilated helmets would go for the latter. Know your priority and preference to opt for an ideal bike helmet.

2. Weight and size

Measuring the size of your head carefully before purchasing any helmets is of top importance. The wrong size is likely to cause you discomfort and put you in danger in some ways. The same things occur regarding the matter of weight.

3. Ventilation 

Who doesn’t like the coldish feeling when riding instead of the heat, right? Remember to check the products’ ventilation system or the number of air vent holes before buying. 


1. What is MIPS in mountain bike helmets?

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, sometimes known as MIPS, is a device intended to lessen the amount of rotational force that your head absorbs after an accident. By absorbing some of those pressures during a crash, the liner aids in separating your head from the helmet shell. Simply put, mountain bike helmets with MIPS tend to protect better than non-MIPS ones.

2. How often should I replace my mountain bike helmet?

Just like any bike helmet, it’s best to change your helmet after using it for 5 years if your helmet hasn't been involved in a collision. But if you have, it should be replaced as soon as possible for safety issues.

3. What are the best men’s mountain bike helmet brands?

The best mountain bike helmet brands for men you can get on Amazon are Bell, Troy Lee, Demon, etc. 


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