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19 Best 5 Gallon Water Dispensers of 2022: TOP Budget and Deal for your needs

After researching and testing 19 Best 5 Gallon Water Dispensers. Here’s the one we think makes it easiest for beginners to pull a Best 5 Gallon Water Dispensers...

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One of the products you definitely cannot ignore if you want to improve your quality of life and health is the best 5 gallon water dispenser. However, there are many types of water dispenser models on the market, which can make you feel confused when shopping. That's why WildRiverReview wrote this article in the hopes of helping you make your choice easier.

Buying Guides

1. Types of water cooler dispenser

  • Point of use (POU) water cooler:

These water purifiers require a direct connection to a water supply as well as a nearby electrical connection. They are a bit more expensive as they come with additional high spec features like ozone spray or UV lamp. The filters usually have to be changed every six months, and the cost per gallon is usually cheaper than the bottled water. Best for: A kitchen or home that doesn't have a filtration system, such as a whole-home water treatment system or something like a refrigerator water filter. This is also a good option if it is inconvenient to order and refill bottled water.

  • Bottom loading cooling water dispenser:

The bottom load dispenser is very convenient as there is no need to lift heavy objects, and you just need to move the water bottle into the compartment. They have an additional pump mechanism, so they come at a higher price than a top-charged cooler. The more expensive models also feature high specs like self-sterilizing ozone spraying. Best for: These are suitable for families or those who cannot do heavy work. Because they deliver water at lumbar height, they are a good choice for children compared to desktop dispensers. They give a more stylish look to both home and office.

  • Top loading water cooler dispenser:

These are the most efficient and cheapest dispensers because they rely solely on the strength and force of gravity, with no additional pumping mechanism. The bottom of the freezer compartment usually has a compartment, and more fancy models may even have a built-in ice machine. They often tend not to have a self-cleaning function. Best for: These are the same functions as the bottom load dispenser, except they are more affordable. The added advantage is that they can have a very useful holder for holding a cup, or additional drinks if placed in a public area.

  • Water cooler on table top:

These are simply miniature versions of the top load water cooler or the point source water cooler (POU). POU bottleless models come with inline water filters and they need to be close to the source of the water used. Best for: These are good options for a small office, a small apartment or a home for two. They are easy to move and can fit into a mobile home.

2. Key features to look for a best 5 gallon water dispenser

  • Leaks: Nobody wants a leaking water cooler— so always check how often to report a leak from verified purchases at your online shopping portal.
  • Switches and buttons: They should be seamless and of relatively good quality. Buttons are a better choice for young children.
  • Hot water safety locks: Quality models often have these locks, and even when there are no children around, it's better to stay on the safe side.
  • Noise: All coolers make some noise when cooling or heating between uses. Some machines have a lower noise level and for some people or the office this is very important.
  • Thermostat setting: The temperature for hot and cold water is usually fixed within a limited variable range - around 47 cold / 180 hot— but some may be higher or lower. Switches on the rear to turn the hot and cold functions on and off are standard.

Best 5 gallon water dispenser reviewed

1. HOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is the best 5 gallon water dispenser that works for pretty much every standard size water bottle. It also has 3 temperature settings so you can choose frozen cold, hot pipe or somewhere in between.

The stainless steel door looks good and helps prevent accidental damage to the appliance. It has a removable drip tray that is easy to clean and has an indicator light that lets you know when to transfer the water bottle to a new one.

LED night lights mean you can prepare cold water without having to turn on the lights and the safety lock provides a convenient method to protect little hands from burns.

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser provides 3 convenient temperatures for water. Hot water distributes at 185 degrees F, cold water distributes at 49 degrees, and room temperature is ambient. Water is pumped from the water tank to the chiller and the heater is inside the dispenser using tubes.

After you plug in the water dispenser, it will take time to fill each tank before it is ready for use. Located on the top panel is an intuitive control panel that is very user friendly. Every 3 buttons are clearly marked. You press the button down to brew water.

For more energy efficient use, there are 2 switches on the back that control the compressor and the hot and cold water heater. They can be turned on individually as needed to reduce energy consumption.

If you are using your own gym water cooler and do not intend to make hot drinks, you can turn the heater off. In this way, the water cooler will only dispense cold water or water at room temperature.

2. Primo Top Loading Water Cooler

Here we present you the Primo Top Loading Water Cooler. This device will provide you with cold and hot water as long as you remember to hold the buttons on. Otherwise, it may take a few minutes for the water to heat up or cool down.

This machine is compatible with any 5 gallon bottle and bottle. Buy your first one and slide it into the lower compartment of the cupboard. Both the door panels and the water tank are made of stainless steel to resist damage in the long run.

Machine with night light. Hence, it prevents tripping and any other obstacles in the dark. As for the noise, the device makes some sound, but they are not too jamming. The water flow is relatively strong. You can wash the drip tray with too much water in the dishwasher.

Although the device plugs into an outlet to function, it shouldn't burden your electricity bill. There is a metal cylinder at the top covered in foam. This plastic component is not firmly screwed. When the water heats up, the piece will twist and move, so it cannot hold steady. Overall, the device does what it has to do to provide you with the desired water temperature.

With the Primo Top Loading Water Cooler, you can choose between instant cold water, cool water and hot water from the pipe anytime you want. It gives you three separate taps so you can have all three temperatures at the same time. Considering the affordable price for which this cooler is available, we were impressed that it included this feature.

3. Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser

If you are looking for a water purifier to be used most comfortably for your home or office, then this is the right choice for you. Avalon water heater will provide you with both hot and cold water supply schemes. That is why this unique water purifier has enjoyed great satisfaction around the world.

On the other hand, this Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser review will assist you with what's so exclusive and remarkable about this dispenser. It will be very helpful if you pay attention to this piece of content.

This water cooler gives you the prospect of making your day safe and enjoyable with its cool features with this simple machine. The Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 top filling water cooler does a great job, and it looks very cool and space-friendly as well. This water cooler has a tall and slim design. This is suitable for any small corner of the house.

The stainless steel body makes it preferred over plastic dispensers. The top load feature of this dispenser is a great utility for the home and office as well. The hot water output feature is cool for making a quick cup of coffee or hot soup because the water is hot enough to make an instant hot drink. So it saves your time! You don't need any other pot or kettle to use for this quick job.

This is the best 5 gallon water dispenser to use and comes with a light taste and style, perfect for all types of home, play and business spaces. Quality should take into account the set hot and cold water temperatures of this best water purifier. It provides perfect cold water and hot water pipes instantly. Also, a remarkable feature of this water cooler is that it is designed to be used for many years without having to spend any money on an unexpected repairman.

4. Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Despite its reasonable price, this Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is super versatile and has many interesting features. For example, this water purifier is capable of mixing 10, 8 and 6oz sizes with your own coffee grounds or K-Cup pods. It has an integrated storage tray that can hold up to 20 K-Cup pods.

As if that weren't enough, the water purifier comes with a reusable coffee filter. It is worth noting that K-Cup pods are not included. Water purifiers dispense both hot and cold water. Ideally, the hot water pipe is equipped with a child safety feature for your peace of mind. There's also fast-flowing water dispensing technology that instantly fills your sports bottles and glasses.

The Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with one-time brewing capability allows you to enjoy hot beverages with great flavors such as coffee, tea, chocolate and cappuccino on request.

It is like a bottom load water dispenser with a coffee machine. It has built-in storage that can store up to 20 K-Cups and a reusable coffee filter for use with your coffee grounds.

In addition, this water purifier features an easy-to-use paddle controller for extremely easy operation. Thoughtful design means you won't lift and flip any water bottles. Furthermore, bottles are uniquely hidden inside the device's cabinet to help provide a clean, eye-catching look.

Enjoy clean, fresh drinking water and get more value for your money with the downstairs water heater, ideal for home and office use. Ergonomic design eliminates lifting, overturning and spilling bottled water during loading.

5. Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser  

With 3 temperature settings and self-cleaning features, the Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is designed to serve filtered water on demand throughout the year. Hot or cold, the triple dispenser takes just a few minutes at the beginning of the day to reach the perfect service temperature. 

The Brio self-cleaning water cooler comes pre-assembled, but there are some setup requirements. The removable drip tray is made of BPA-free plastic and is machine washable. There are 8 manual pages, covering 1 year limited warranty details, so it's definitely worth a look. To set up the Brio Self Cleaning water cooler is pretty standard.

First, you need to place the water cooler near the grounding outlet, with a minimum clearance of 8 inches from the wall. This is necessary to prevent the coils on the back of the device from touching the wall and reducing the risk of damage.

With 2 switches on the back of the Brio Self Cleaning Water Dispenser to control the compressor and the heater for cold and hot water, UL / Energy Star is approved for high efficiency. They can be turned on individually as needed to reduce energy consumption. If you are using a water cooler specifically for cold drinks, you can turn off the heater. In this way, the water cooler will only dispense cold water or water at room temperature.

Of course, one of the best features of this best 5 gallon water dispenser is the self-cleaning ozone switch. The Brio User's Manual recommends activating the self-cleaning ozone cycle once a week, to prevent bacteria from accumulating in pipes and water tanks, where water holds water between uses. Its self-cleaning ozone feature safely disinfects internal ingredients and removes bacteria such as E.coli, Swine Flu, Legionella, Mold and Algae.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does hot and cold water purifiers use a lot of electricity?

A chilled water cooler uses 0.3 kWh per day, equivalent to about $ 25.00 a year. To cost an estimated $ 227.00 a year, a hot and cold water cooler uses 2.8 kWh per day. Adding a timer to these water coolers will reduce daily usage and cost per year slightly.

2. Is the best 5 gallon water dispenser worth it?

When the time came to make a decision, many people opted for a water purifier. You get the same benefits from a water bottle, but there aren't all the disadvantages that come with them. They are even easy enough for kids to use, which makes them one of the best dispensers to have for homes.

3. How many 5 gallon water bottles do I need monthly?

When buying a water tank, you should consider tanks with a moderate capacity such as 5 gallon water bottles. The standard rate for a facility or home of five to ten people is advised to plan on having three 5-gallon water bottles per month.

4. Is a hot and cold running water purifier cheaper than a kettle?

Usually, electric kettles are priced a bit lower than hot and cold bottles and not very expensive. For smaller quantities, electric kettles are somewhat more economical. You definitely have a very low water capacity when compared to hot and cold water purifiers.

5. Is it cheaper to buy bottled or filtered water?

No matter how you break it up, high quality filtered tap water will always cost less than expensive bottled water. These additional costs are substantial, with a gallon of bottled water almost 2,000 times more expensive than a gallon of filtered tap water.

Final Thoughts

To enhance the quality of your life, consider equipping the best 5 gallon water dispenser at home and at work. Make sure you choose the best quality products for the most comprehensive benefits. Some of the recommended products of WildRiverReview are in the list below, consult with us:

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