Harvey Finkle

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Harvey Finkle is a documentary still photographer whose interests are social, political, economic and cultural. His career has centered on photographing marginalized and disenfranchised communities and their movements, including low income and homeless families, refugees and immigrants, the disabled and the Deaf, as well as groups working for economic equality, peace, justice, human rights and civil rights.

His works include, “PHILADELPIA MOSAIC: New Immigrants in America”, “The JOBS Project: A reentry Program of the Philadelphia Prison System”. His ongoing work includes documenting the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, a poor people’s movement; Project HOME, a community of programs for formerly homeless individuals and families; Creative Access, an organization advocating for the Deaf community through the use of art and entertainment; Disabled in Action, an advocacy and service organization for disabled people.

Recently, Harvey has been documenting the transformation of South Philadelphia. Over 100 years ago, South Philadelphia was a neighborhood of destination for immigrant Eastern European Jews, Italians and Irish. Today, it is rapidly becoming home to an influx of refugees and immigrants including those from Mexico, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal and Burma. The intent of the documentation is to show that, though their complexion is different, the ambitions of current immigrants are the same as their predecessors—to live safely, practice the religion of their preference, make a living and educate their children.

Currently, Harvey is documenting lives of formerly homeless veterans who are in or came through the Project HOME community.

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