Ottmar Liebert

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Ottmar Liebert was born in the old Roman city of Cologne, Germany, situated on the Rhine river, famous as the birthplace of the surrealist Max Ernst and as the locale of the longest running Kolsch party in Europe, the November Carnival. At age 11, he bought his first guitar, a Hopf, a classical model, for which he paid under $100 US.

In 1978, Liebert took the Paris-Moscow Express from Cologne to Moscow. “The sound of the rails is still in my head from that trip,” he says. A year later, he flew to New York and spent the next 7 years on the East coast, mostly in Boston. In Spring of 1986 he arrived in Santa Fe where he currently resides.

Since 1990, Liebert has released a total of 23 albums, including live releases. His debut album, Nouveau Flamenco, sold double-platinum and has become one of the world’s best-selling guitar albums. He currently records and travels with his band, Luna Negra.

WEBSITE: www.ottmarliebert.com

by Ottmar Liebert

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