Annika Connor

Annika Connor

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Annika Connor is a Contemporary Romantic painter. Her work depicts a fascination with beauty and decadence—and a longing for a time of romance and  pleasure.

In 2002, Connor received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied painting and philosophy. Since then, Connor has worked professionally as a painter in New York and London and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, while reviews and publication of her work have appeared in many print, Internet, and local publications.

In 2006, Connor founded Active Ideas Productions as a means to explore ideas outside of the studio that involved the intersect of art and business. Today, Active Ideas Productions is an innovative artist-run organization committed to the education, distribution, and development of emerging artists and the art community.

As a supporter of the arts, Connor is a Young Fellow of the Frick Collection, on the Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Council and Acquisitions Committee, and on the Roundtable and the Fashion Committee at the National Arts Club.

Connor is a member of the National Arts Club, Screen Actors Guild, Emerging Leaders of New York Arts, Arts & Business Council, the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and is the President of Active Ideas Productions.