Ravé Mehta is the Editor-in-Chief of Fulbright Publishing with a mission to inspire dialogues that deepen human understanding through intellectual, international and cultural exchange. An internationally recognized artist, composer and writer, Mehta’s work has been seen, displayed and experienced around the world including the Museum Tower, which houses the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In 2009, he was the City of Orlando’s featured artist with his Gateway to the World: India exhibition showcased in Orlando’s City Hall.

Mehta is also a successful businessman, recognized by the Wall Street Journal in its 2003 Business Men of the Year list as the engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the experiential learning technology approach originally used for DoD simulation and training.

He is currently the CEO of MEHTA Group, a 30-year transportation infrastructure holding company, a founding member of the American Council on Foreign Relations, Orlando Chapter; and was recently appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to the board of directors for Space Florida – the official Florida Space Agency that oversees all space related activities across the state.


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