Ah, but Did You See the London Production?

South Pacific When your New York City apartment is the size of a laundry room in Florida, you’re not going to spend every night ordering in Szechuan. So what do you do to relieve the boredom of living in the most exciting city in the world?

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Duathlon Man

cosentino-dualathon-1 (1) Participating in a duathlon is a safe way to dip into one of New Yorkers’ newest sports crazes—ultra-sports—literally without getting your feet wet (i.e., there’s no swimming.) For Desk Jockey, who flunked his adult swimming course 10 years ago at an indoor municipal pool, that’s just fine.

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Facebook This!

Koobface worm

If you're online as much as I am every day (10+ hours), you may have heard that a powerful computer virus called Koobface infected a huge number of Facebook address books in early December, 2008. What's more, for the simple reason that I was stricken by the virus early on, many of my 289 Facebook "friends" believed, inexplicably, that it originated with me!

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Fifty Shades of Pain: Cycling the Pyrenees, One Mountain Pass at a Time

cosentino-fifty-2 True cycling, bicycle legends and aficionados will tell you, is about suffering. Not for us the one-gear “fixie” bike with the large latticed basket and kickstand. If we don’t come back from our long weekend ride with chain grease stenciled on our calves, and aches and pains in our trapezium muscles, we don’t deserve dinner.

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Go West Young Desk Jockey!

Desk Jockey Las Vegas excerpt circle

Mountains, instead of MetroCards. Cacti, instead of cockroaches. The West is about as far away from New York as you can get. Or is it?

New Yorkers are creatures of habit. Walk an extra block to the supermarket? Are you joking? Order takeout from any place but the Chinese joint on the corner? Um, why?


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Greece: It’s a Riot

deskjockey-greeceistheword1-riot (1) In early May, two days before his departure from the Big Apple, Desk Jockey learned via a news story on the Internet that his flight was cancelled. The reason: Strikes. Oh, yes, and three people burned to death in a bank building in Athens.

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How Many Facebook Friends Are Too Many?

facebookfriends-grouptherapywithsign Desk Jockey always knows he will be the first to get called on. He stands up uncertainly, clears his throat, and begins mumbling, “Hi, I’m Desk Jockey, and I’m a Facebook Friendaholic.” Applause from around the room.

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Marylebone & Me


Contrary to popular belief, London is filled with great values, if you know where to look. The first is the excellent transportation system—which you can see at work as soon as you arrive at Heathrow Airport. The Heathrow Express is an extremely efficient train that will whisk you and your wheelie directly to Paddington Station, Central London, in about 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket ahead of time online. And if you’re an Internet junkie like Desk Jockey, you may perhaps score a deal to ride in the first-class car—which features complimentary copies of the Financial Times and the latest British financial magazines (not that you’d actually read them of course)

August 2009

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Oh, Mayor Bloomberg, There’s No Place Like Home!


Feeling slightly better about the economy these days? Encouraged by the up tick in your 401k balance? With all due respect to Economic Reporter Ali Velshi, don’t believe everything you see on Crisis News Network (a.k.a. CNN).

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Scandinavia: The Great Escape?

Estonia (1) A recent week’s vacation in two Northern European countries made me think that there may be such a refuge. A place where people are gentle, the climate is temperate, natural wonders abound, and politics does not seem as maddening as it does in America. Those countries are Finland and Norway, two of the five wonderful countries that make up the Scandinavian Empire.

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The End of the Bucket List

Bucket List item

A sixty-something cyclist reflects on life after achieving all his major athletic goals. Including conquering Alpe D’Huez. On a bike.

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The Sandwich Generation: Eldercare and Me

cosentino-sandwich- (1) Last September, I discovered what millions of other members of the “sandwich generation” already knew firsthand. Not only are middle-aged Americans zapped by the cost of raising children, we are simultaneously-zapped by the prohibitive cost of eldercare. Hence, “sandwiched” in between generations.

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Welcome to the Jungle: Is Mad Men Really about Advertising?

90be7cede58f9e4e7a27aedc033cff08 Yet once a week, Desk Jockey clears the deck, plumps up the sofa cushions, stays up past his bedtime (10 p.m.), and turns to his favorite—actually, his only—television show outside the Weather Channel’s Local on the 8s:  Mad Men. Because not only is Desk Jockey fascinated by the lives of these ad folks, he belonged to this unusual subspecies for 25 years.

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Work Like Wall Street: Earn Like Main Street

Cosentino-WallStreet-1-300x200 And Desk Jockey was so proud of Barack Obama’s win in November 2008 that he stood in sub-freezing temperatures for two hours in Times Square, cheering every moment of the inauguration via jumbo screen. But now, when everyone from earnest liberals to Tea Party animals diss the investment bankers who earn big salaries and even bigger bonuses, Desk Jockey hereby departs from his flock.

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