About Wild River Review

Wild River Review is no longer being published. Thank you for your interest in our publication. It is being maintained because of its timeless nature.

The online magazine, Wild River Review, seeks to connect people, places and ideas–story by story. The publication is the creation of a team of professional writers and artists. We are skilled editors in all genres: nonfiction, feature writing, essays, short and long fiction, poetry, and graphic stories.

We are committed to scouting for the best writing and exploring unique and controversial issues. To that end, we work one on one with new writers to bring their work to the highest literary and journalistic standards.

All work published in the pages of Wild River Review belongs solely to our authors and the magazine. Online and print publication is permitted upon request. Online links must be fully credited with a link back to the Wild River Review website. For reprint permission, please contact: info@wildriverreview.com.

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The online magazine, Wild River Review seeks to raise awareness and compassion as well as inspire engagement through the power of stories.

In a climate of repeated media flashes and quick newsbite stories, Wild River Review curates, edits and publishes essays, opinion, interviews, features, fiction and poetry focusing on underreported issues and perspectives.