Kaitlyn Seay, who also goes by Katie, had humble beginings as an intern at Wild River Review, but was graduated to Editorial Assistant. With one semester left at college, she is sprinting towards freedom and a B.A. in English/Professional Writing with a minor in Public Relations.

Her work with WRR has given Katie a chance to stretch her creative fingers and dive into what life looks like as an editor. Some of her work includes designing images for the WRR website and writing short pieces. Her undergraduate professional works include a short story, “The Secret Room,” and two poems, “Zip” and “A Simple Ringing,” published in Kutztown University’s literary magazine, Shoofly. She also presented a lecture, “Using Writing as a Therapeutic Tool with Elementary and High School Students,” at Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s “Innovations in School Counseling and Therapy” conference.

When not thinking about Wild River Review, Katie dwells on story ideas, the meaning of life, and what she should eat for lunch. Oh, and what she should do for the rest of her life. Possibly futures after her May graduation include working at a publishing company or magazine like WRR, going to grad-school for an M.F.A in Creative Writing, teaching English in a foreign country, or becoming a missionary in an exotic location. Her favorite pastime is reading and the one book she can never be without is the Bible.

EMAIL: kseay541@live.kutztown.edu

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/katie.a.seay/


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