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May 21, 2012

Shane Inman of the Inman Company- The Five Questions

I first met Shane during the recent Brimfield Antiques Fair.  Located a few miles from historic Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Brimfield is the largest outdoor antiques fair in the world.  Teeming with all sorts of ephemera, from kitsch to high fashion, the Brimfield show is a have to attend event of the year.

This year I was invited by Cynthia Bogart (The Daily Basics) and Gretchen Aubuchon (Gretchen Aubuchon Design) to be their mixologist.

It was here in the VIP tent that I became at first acquainted with- then friends with Shane.

Shane is an intense man of the very highest standards.  His sense of light, space and color showed clearly in his floral arrangements and furniture placement within the 80 x 20 foot tent.

The tent was used by a multitude of sponsors to take in a cocktail (prepared free-style by myself) to the correction of the morning coffee.  They also had the opportunity to charge their cell-phones or relax in the shade.

Here is a list of the generous sponsors to the Brimfield event.  List courtesy of THE DAILY BASICS.

Benjamin Moore announced their new metal paints and chalkboard colors!

Company C Fabrics gave a sneak peek into the their 2013 line and Spring color predictions!

Kathryn Markel’s,  Debra Marcoux brought her amazing line of emerging modern artists’ work to the tent with a raffle to win a piece of original art.

Warren Bobrow highlighted our drinks sponsors:  Tenneyson Absinthe, Polar Seltzers, Bitter End Bitter, Rose Syrup NY.

Shane Inman designed, implemented and created the most WONDERFUL ambiance of a tent.

Style at Home Magazine’s White Cover next month will be picked by the voters from the #Brimfield Tweetup.

Saturday at Brimfield Sponsor, Robert Allen Design, announced their GORGEOUS new line of fabrics.

I asked Shane during dinner the first night if he would be interested in participating in my project known as the Five Questions.

His face lit up immediately.  “Me?” “yes, Shane, you.  You would be perfect for this project…”

And so, without further delay, may I present Shane Inman.

The Five Questions. 

Cheers to you my friend.  wb

Shane Inman (NYC)

WRR: 1.  Why Design?  When did you first catch the design bug?  Who taught you?  Mother? Father? Grandparents?

Shane: As a child I drew illustrations of people from fashion magazines, and built homes out of Legos. My father thought I would become an architect while my mother taught me to sew. When I graduated high school, I had to go to a lower level college until I raised my GPA in order to be accepted into my father’s alma mater, Michigan State University. I allowed myself until my second year in college to decide if I was going to be a fashion designer or an interior designer. At the time of my acceptance to MSU, they had one of the most reputable design schools in the nation and the fit seemed perfect. In 1993 I don’t believe the world really understood interior design, myself included. The ones that did probably thought of it as being a luxury strictly for the rich and famous. Today I am out to modify that perception

Shane at the Waterfall

WRR: 2.  If you could be anywhere in the world, where would that be?  What would you be doing?  Eating? Drinking?

Shane: Anywhere in the world – that is a very big question! I would have to answer, right where I am! I believe that everything happens for a reason in this world and honestly I know the universe has led me to Chicago to do something really grand and great. I just do not know what yet. Since I love interior design, I can’t imagine doing anything else. A typical day finds me working away at my desk drinking coffee in the morning and sipping sparkling water with lemon throughout the afternoon. I always try to snack on nuts and berries rather than having a large lunch. It also saves valuable time during the work day of obligations and racing against the clock. To tell you the truth, I would much rather be working than eating (my client’s tell me that I have issues).


WRR: 3. Speaking of Eating and drinking, what is your favorite cocktail?  Made by whom?  Do you cook?  What is your go/to dish?  Where?

Shane: My favorite cocktail has always been a very dirty (filthy dirty) vodka martini – up in a rocks glass versus a martin glass. I never have been one that feels comfortable drinking out of dainty stemware – I spill a lot. My vodka of choice is Kettle One – I was tuned on to it by a client of mine, a real sophisticated alcoholic. When it comes to cooking – quite honestly, I rarely do it. I am a work-aholic and as you can guess, that isn’t very indicative of having a lot of time to prepare meals. I eat out a lot! But on occasion, when I do prepare a meal – it is usually something fast that requires minimal effort on my part. I tend prepare more meats and fishes – things that can be ready in a flash. I love asparagus as well and almost always have that as my veggie.

Ground Zero

WRR: 4.  Is there anything that you eat that brings a tear to your eye when you enjoy it?  Why?  Is there anything that you make yourself that resonates in the same way?

Shane: Carrot cake has been one of my all-time favorites but since I treat my body as a temple, I don’t allow myself to have it very much anymore in my adult life. In my youth, I used to eat it whenever it was available. I consider myself a connoisseur of carrot cake. It has to have walnuts and the cream cheese frosting has to be just like my mothers – very creamy without the granulated feel of sugar. My mother was a great cook at several restaurants that my parents owned when I was a child. My mother used to make the best carrot cake with the ultimate in cream cheese frosting – every bite I have ever had around the world has been compared to hers. For me, I am not a baker and have never made a desert in my life. Being as detail oriented as I am, I would have to guess that I would be pretty good at it though….

Ocean from afar

WRR: 5.  Where did you grow up?  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Shane: I grew up with very humbled beginnings in the Mid-West. A small “village” called Lake City in Michigan. I always thought that I would be a fashion designer when I grew up since having six sisters – that just seamed like a natural career path. But viola – I am now an interior designer. A very close second if you ask me.

Thank you for your time Shane! Cheers!

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