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August 2016
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Joseph Glantz

Joseph Glantz, Consulting Editor

Cover. Philadelphia OriginalsRittenhouse Square Purples. Rob LawlorGirard Avenue Bridge. Rob Lawlor

EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION. Joe practiced law in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for 14 years and designed large scale databases for AT&T for five years. He currently works for NextLevel Web Strategies, a legal marketing firm based in Princeton, NJ. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, received his J.D. from George Washington Law School and he has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Drexel University.

WRITINGS. Joe's book, Philadelphia Originals (amazon.com website), was released for publication by Schiffer Publishing in 2009.  The book shows that the unique styles (how Philadelphians paint, sing, practice law, tell a joke, cook) of Philadelphia’s most notable professions can be traced back to the perfect complement of the spiritual William Penn and the practical Benjamin Franklin.

His second project. Philadelphia Before You Were Born, is a study of the last time Philadelphia newspapers used artists for all their illustrations. It was published in 2011.

Joe’s many other published writings include a humorous look at book clubs for the Bucks County Writer and the literary stages of a baseball season for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He also writes the Interviews with the Famously Departed Column for the Wild River Review.


Reviews:    Montgomery News - includes images of Independence Hall and Charles Laughton at the Barnes. University of Pennsylvania Gazette - includes images of Girard Avenue Bridge, Marian Anderson and more.

Sample Images:   Upper Right


Sample Images:

A Merry Band of Skaters on Juniper Lake Near Bala (1896)

Sextuplet Racing a Locomotive (1896)






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