Wild River Review
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August 2016
Open Borders


INTERVIEW - Katherine Schimmel Baki: A Meeting in a Garden and a Mystic Pen

"The ordinary pebble can turn into a ruby provided it patiently takes into itself the rays of the sun."

INTERVIEW - Life in the Big House

Last summer I went to a rare open house at Rokeby, one of the few intact Hudson River estates to remain in family hands.

INTERVIEW - History - The Romance of the Middle Ages

With the massive popularity of series like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, it's clear that as wondrous and strange as the wo

FICTION - Blood Grip

Some 50 years ago, my Virginia-bred mother, Cleoria Coleman Sparrow, did something straight out of West Africa.  The moment a certain visitor left the house, my mother swept from where he had

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