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August 2016
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Is the Wild River Review team available for speaking engagements?

Joy Stocke (Editor-in-Chief, Wild River Review), Kim Nagy (Executive Editor, Wild River Review), William Irwin Thompson (Founder of Lindisfarne Association), Dean David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty, Princeton University)  

Yes. Whether you are curious about the ways in which literature and travel intersect or where poetry and science meet or the power of storytelling, Wild River Review is known for inspiring rich conversations at every kind of event from conferences and symposiums to literary festivals. For all speaking engagement inquiries, please contact: info@wildriverreview.com.

Does Wild River Review accept advertising?


If you are looking to reach a diverse, sophisticated, and web-savvy audience, Wild River Review offers a wide variety of contextual-based advertising packages including co-branding, partnerships, and banner ads. Within Wild River Review’s eye-catching platform, advertisers can promote their goods and services to relevant audiences. Our international readership includes working professionals, students, college professors and retirees. Take advantage of the interactive nature of the web, which can lead readers, browsers, and potential buyers (as well as those who influence buyers) to your message like no other medium.

Contact: info@wildriverreview.com

Who reads Wild River Review?

Our international male/female readership includes people from every time zone. Our core demographic ranges from 25 – 55, although our readers span all ages.

How does Wild River Review promote education?

Wild River Review reveres the life of the mind and promotes lifelong education. We actively seek to nurture the next generation of writers, travelers, thinkers and editors in order to help them establish a foothold in a difficult and rapidly changing field on which open communication and true understanding depends. To that end, each semester we work with several interns. Although the students work on all aspects of the magazine, we tailor our internship programs to fit their goals and backgrounds.  

Wild River Review also encourages submissions from and publishes new writers in a climate where there are fewer and fewer venues for deep, thoughtful essays and crafted writing.

As print journalism struggles to redefine itself and increasingly loses market share, established writers are also finding it harder to showcase their work. While benefiting from the capacity of the web to reach a wide audience, Wild River Review holds and guards the standards established by print media. We also offer established writers a viable alternative to mainstream media, and a forum for original ideas and fresh viewpoints.

Who is Wild River Review?

Wild River Review is a group of professional writers, editors and artists who work with contributors from around the world. We are based in Princeton, New Jersey.

Who owns the rights to work published in Wild River Review?

All work published in the pages of Wild River Review belongs to the magazine. For print publication, please contact: info@wildriverreview.com   Online links must be fully credited with a link back to the Wild River Review website.

What are people saying about Wild River Review?

"Quality writing on the Internet is getting more rare, not because there's less total words of it, but because there's more B.S. per acre (as with any giant shopping mall with no control over who squats in the storefront.) Wild River Review is like a beautiful butterfly gracing a crowded flea market."

Perry Cook, Oregon

"WRR stimulates my imagination for writing. It's a refreshing mixture of culture, politics and art that sparkles; it's unlike any other publication I read."

Gerri George, Philadelphia, PA

"Wild River is simply unique. A publication like this must thrive; it is important for this kind of positive intellectual and informative material to reach the people--the masses--so they can learn and be informed."

Marina Sarles, Freeport, Grand Bahama

"I read Wild River Review because it has opened doors previously closed to me. It's like opening a literary National Geographic magazine with more info." 

T'challah, Atlanta, Georgia

"WRR articles have a 'common touch' feel. They are honest and in depth and look at the world around us from a common perspective which is non-sensational, comes from direct observation and is free from the 'media-frenzy' which all public media like TV and newsprint can suffer from."

Vibhas Tattu, Dubai-United Arab Emirates

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