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August 2016
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POETRY - Its Time


Yes, there’s time,

but I’m not really into it.


The thing about me

is that things

are just stuff around me—

barnacles on a whale.


But I am stuck on something else,

and then I am completely out of it.

Now you know why

I keep talking

about tesseracts and hyperspheres,

and sex.


Sex grounds me

and gives me someone

I can really get into.


Trouble is sex usually

gets all fucked up in time.


I keep looking for

someone I can really make it with

in time and out,

but even Fra Angelico’s angel

can’t get his wings into the box

Mary is packaged in.


Projecting all this on you

is definitely not going to get me anywhere.


Try bottling the blue of the sky--

or your breath for that matter--

it’s like settling down on the horizon--

move in and it moves out.


It completely screws up time with things

that have nothing to do with it.


So let’s be love,

instead of me being

in love with you.


You’ve got a real garden

and don’t need to crush

pretty flowers to dry in a poetry book.

William Irwin Thompson, Columnist, Thinking Otherwise

William Irwin Thompson

William Irwin Thompson (born July, 1938) is known primarily as a social philosopher and cultural critic, but he has also been writing and publishing poetry throughout his career and received the Oslo International Poetry Festival Award in 1986. He has made significant contributions to cultural history, social criticism, the philosophy of science, and the study of myth. He describes his writing and speaking style as "mind-jazz on ancient texts". He is an astute reader of science, social science, history, and literature. He is the founder of the Lindisfarne Association.

His book, Still Travels: Three Long Poems was published in 2009 by Wild River Books. To order a copy, click here: STILL TRAVELS.

WEBSITE: http://www.williamirwinthompson.org/


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William Irwin Thompson

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