Wild River Review

WRR 4.4 — 1 AUGUST 2007


NOVEL EXCERPT: In a State of Partition by Aneesha Capur

SPOTLIGHT: The Other Side Of Abu Ghraib (Part 1) — The Detainees’ Quest for Justice by Joy E. Stocke, Kim Nagy, and Chris Tiefel

COLUMN: The Mystic Pen — The Gift by Katherine Schimmel Abdel Baki

FILM REVIEW: The Prisoner, or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair by Elizabeth Sheldon

AIRMAIL: Confessions of a Global Traveler — Hong Kong Diary: Of Courtesans and Kings by the Professor

NOVEL EXCERPT: Blood Grip Chapter 4 by Constance Garcia-Barrio


UP THE CREEK: Editor’s Notes — Art, Yoga, and Abu Ghraib


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Crafting a top-flight literary magazine is as fun as it is challenging, and we are committed to scouting for the best writing, encouraging submissions, and exploring unique and, at times, controversial issues.

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Joy E. Stocke

Joy E. Stocke

Joy E. Stocke, WRR Executive Editor & Founder

Joy E. Stocke has published poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and has written about and lectured widely on her travels in Turkey and Greece, as well as religion, ancient and modern.

In addition to a travel memoir, Anatolian Days and Nights, she is working on her second book of poems set in Greece, and a novel set in the U.S., Germany, and Crete.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics/Journalism, she participated in the Lindisfarne Symposium on The Evolution of Consciousness with William Irwin Thompson at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. She is founding partner of Writers Corner USA, where she consults with writers at all levels, specializing in book proposals and book length manuscripts.

EMAIL: jstocke@wildriverreview.com

PEN WORLD VOICES: Language Within Silence — An Interview with Norwegian Writer Per Petterson
PEN WORLD VOICES: Tonight We Rest Here — An Interview with Poet Saadi Youssef
SPOTLIGHT: Arabic from Left to Right — An Interview with Saad Abulhab
SPOTLIGHT: Fly Me to the Moon — A Conversation with Mathematician and Artist, Ed Belbruno
SPOTLIGHT: The Other Side Of Abu Ghraib (Part 1) — The Detainees’ Quest for Justice
SPOTLIGHT: Poetry, Science, and the Big Bang — John Timpane Goes to Cambridge
SPOTLIGHT: Rumi and Coke — An Excerpt from Anatolian Days and Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey
QUARK PARK: Of Algorithms, Google & Snow Globes — An Interview with Computer Scientist David Dobkin, Dean of Faculty at Princeton University
QUARK PARK: The Scientist as Rebel — Freeman Dyson Talks About Nuclear Weapons, Space Travel, and the Future
QUARK PARK: The Solace of Vacant Spaces — Interview with Peter Soderman
QUARK PARK: Music in Stone — Sculptor Jonathan Shor
UP THE CREEK: Editor’s Notes

Tim E. Ogline

Tim E. Ogline

Tim E. Ogline, WRR Art Director & Comics Editor

Tim E. Ogline is a Greater Philadelphia based illustrator and graphic designer. Ogline’s illustrations have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Utne Reader, Outdoor Life and Philadelphia Style among others. His award-winning “Electrical Activity of the Heart” story, “Opening Books & Closing Doors,” has recently been published in The Florida Review Volume 32.1.

Ogline, an alumnus of and former instructor at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, is the principal of Ogline Design. Ogline Design has proudly served a clientele including Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (notably the 2003 and 2007 Gubernatorial Inaugural Celebrations), The White House, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania, Florida Tourism, the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Damon’s Grill, NAPA, SmithKline Beecham and many more in its nine year history.

Tim will be leaving the pages of the Wild River Review on 31 August 2007 in order to focus his full attention on the growth of Ogline Design. Ogline Design is a full-service graphic design venture. Full-service includes identity development, print and collateral design, interactive, illustration, copywriting and exceptional customer service. Specializations include identity development, websites and illustration. Contact Tim Ogline at 215.431.3086 or at tim@oglinedesign.com to discuss your creative service needs.

WEBSITE: www.TimOgline.com (illustration)
WEBSITE: www.OglineDesign.com (graphic design)
EMAIL: togline@wildriverreview.com
TEL: 215.431.3086

PEN WORLD VOICES: Myth, Magic, and the Mind of Neil Gaiman — A Conversation with the Dream King
ART: The Art of Tim E. Ogline
COMIC: Electrical Activity of the Heart — Opening Books & Closing Doors
COMIC: Electrical Activity of the Heart — Money Talks
COMIC: Electrical Activity of the Heart — Rise and Shine
COMIC: Electrical Activity of the Heart — The Vision Thing
Website Design and HTML/PHP Programming

Kim Nagy

Kim Nagy

Kim Nagy, WRR Commissioning Editor

Incorrigible collector of ideas, Kim Nagy serves as Commissioning Editor for Wild River Review. In between scoping out writing talent, new articles, interviews and creating new series, she is a poet, professional writer, and dedicated reader who has interviewed a number of leading thinkers, including historian James McPherson, playwright Emily Mann, and philosopher Alain de Botton.

Nagy received her Bachelor’s in History at Rider University and M.A. from the Department of History at the University of Connecticut. She has worked in public relations and marketing for publishers, such as W.W. Norton, Routledge UK, and Princeton University Press.

She is currently writing a book called The Triple Goddess Trials, based on her Wild River Review column of the same name. In it, she explores every stage of women’s lives through the timeless insights of myth.

WEBSITE: www.KimNagy.com
EMAIL: knagy@wildriverreview.com

COLUMN: The Triple Goddess Trials — The Triple Goddess
COLUMN: The Triple Goddess Trials — Aphrodite and the Lightbulb Factory
COLUMN: The Triple Goddess Trials — Meet Medea
COLUMN: The Triple Goddess Trials — Kali’s Ancient Love Song
PEN WORLD VOICES: The Art of Connection — A Conversation with Alain de Botton
BLOG: Live @ PEN World Voices
QUARK PARK: An Interview with Rush Holt
QUARK PARK: Labor of Love — An Interview with Kevin Wilkes
QUARK PARK: Journey into the Male & Female Brain — An Interview with Tracey Shors
SPOTLIGHT: Boundless Theater — An Interview with Emily Mann
SPOTLIGHT: Keeping Time — An Interview with Historian James McPherson
SPOTLIGHT: On the Rocks — Global Warming and the Rock and Fossil Record — An Interview with Peter Ward — Part 1
SPOTLIGHT: On the Rocks — Global Warming and the Rock and Fossil Record — An Interview with Peter Ward — Part 2
SPOTLIGHT: The Other Side Of Abu Ghraib (Part 1) — The Detainees’ Quest for Justice
SPOTLIGHT: A Voice Answering a Voice — A Conversation with Renée Ashley

Wendy Steginsky

Wendy Steginsky

Wendy Fulton Steginsky, WRR Managing Editor

Wendy Fulton Steginsky grew up on the island of Bermuda where she developed an affinity for the ocean and a deep respect for nature. After attending St. Anne’s College, Oxford and Ohio State University, she worked as a special education teacher in the U.S. Poetry is her passion and her column, “Fire and Blood of Poetry” is a regular feature of the magazine. Several of her poems were published in Bermuda Anthology of Poetry in November 2006. At present she is working on a nonfiction book about creativity, sensitivity, and giftedness.

EMAIL: wsteginsky@wildriverreview.com

BLOG: Live @ PEN World Voices
COLUMN: Fire and Blood of Poetry
PROFILE: Kyi May Kaung — Activist, Artist, and Poet in Exile
SPOTLIGHT: The Quiet Maverick — An Interview with J. C. Todd

Dale Cotton

Dale Cotton

Dale Cotton, WRR Photo Editor

Dale H. Cotton is a freelance photograher who specializes in the built environment. He photographs everything from manhole covers to street signs to the buildings of Frank Gehry. Dale has also worked as an editor, producer, and art director/designer in the book publishing industry in Seattle, New York, Boston, and Princeton.

WEBSITE: www.hingephoto.com
EMAIL: cotton.photos@gmail.com

BLOG: Live @ PEN World Voices (photo)
QUARK PARK: Journey into the Male & Female Brain (photo)
QUARK PARK: Music in Stone (photo)
QUARK PARK: The Scientist as Rebel (photo)
SPOTLIGHT: Fly Me to the Moon — A Conversation with Mathematician and Artist, Ed Belbruno (photo)
QUARK PARK: Quark Park — Visions (photo)

Angela Ajayi

Angela Ajayi

Angela Ajayi, WRR Contributing Editor

Born in Nigeria, Angela Ajayi came to the United States to attend college and discovered an undeniable love for literature — and books. After completing a B.A. in English literature, she spent six weeks at the Radcliffe Publishing Course in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and then moved to New York City where she worked in scholarly publishing for a number of years and completed an M.A. in comparative literature at Columbia University. She currently works for a publishing house in New Jersey and edits mainly scholarly books on Africa.

EMAIL: aiajayi@gmail.com

PEN WORLD VOICES: Drawing on the Universal in Africa — An Interview with Marguerite Abouet
PEN WORLD VOICES: Drawing on the Universal in Africa — An Interview with Marguerite Abouet (Français)
BLOG: Live @ PEN World Voices

Raquel Pidal

Raquel B. Pidal

Raquel B. Pidal, WRR Contributing Editor

Raquel B. Pidal is a freelance editor and writer who has worked on a variety of projects, including memoirs, business and career management books and articles, health articles, book proposals, and novel synopses and analyses. She has also taught several workshops for children and young writers. Raquel graduated Cum Laude from Ursinus College with a degree in English and Creative Writing. She earned Departmental Honors for her senior thesis, a memoir about her Cuban mother, and has won several awards for her writing. Raquel’s creative nonfiction has been published in The Bucks County Writer, The Bucks County Review, and Wild River Review. She currently lives in Cambridge, MA, where she is working on her M.A. in Publishing and Writing at Emerson College. She writes a blog, CopyRighteous, about writers’ rights as part of her coursework, and she also works for the Emerson College literary magazine, Redivider.

EMAIL: rpidal@wildriverreview.com

Bryan Palmer

Bryan Palmer

Bryan Palmer, WRR Web Team

Bryan Palmer is a senior in the Information Science & Technology program at Temple University. He is currently working with Microsoft as a Campus Representative and serving as President of the Association for Computing Machinery chapter at Temple.

Bryan was recognized with the Student Leadership Award from the Computer Information Sciences department for his work with faculty, staff, and peers in the academic year. He also serves on several technology planning committees and is a member of the Philadelphia Linux Users Group.

EMAIL: bpalmer@bluebottle.com

John Moskowitz

John Moskowitz

John Moskowitz, WRR Contributing Editor

John is a professional business consultant that has performed project management, coaching/training and process improvement for clients in the pharmaceutical, credit card and construction materials industries among others.

He has been responsible for the design of PowerPoint presentations for executive management, training materials focused on financial analysis, project management and process improvement and flow mapping, step-by-step instructions for software self-help menus and templates for teaching six sigma statistical control concepts. He has also authored numerous corporate internal change management communications to reinforce company-wide policy.

EMAIL: jmoskowitz@wildriverreview.com

ART: The Art of Jonathan Cox

Jill Sherer

Jill Sherer Murray

Jill Sherer Murray, WRR Contributing Editor

Jill Sherer Murray is an award-winning journalist, whose work has appeared in a variety of business- and health-related media. In addition to writing feature articles, scripts, books and other marketing, corporate and creative communications for more than 18 years, she designs and facilitates corporate communication workshops and seminars for clients like Gatorade, PepsiCo, Tellerx, and Quaker Oats (to name a few). A former “Weight Loss Diary” columnist for Shape Magazine, she took six million readers (who now know how much she weighs) on her journey to get fit each month through a series of personal essays and live chats. Currently, Jill is working on her second novel and rewriting her first — again — so she can get it to her agent before he dies or retires. You can read about her writing and other pursuits (i.e., dating and marriage) in her blog “Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis,” which is featured on the Wild River Review. She lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with her husband Dan, her rescue dog Winnie, too many houseguests, and a lot of chocolate and over-the-counter pain medication.

EMAIL: jsherer@wildriverreview.com

BLOG: Diary of a Writer in Midlife Crisis

Brian O'Connell

Brian O’Connell

Brian O’Connell, WRR Contributing Editor

Brian O’Connell is a Bucks County, PA based freelance writer. A former Wall Street bond trader, O’Connell is the author of 15 books, including two bestsellers. His work has also appeared in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, USA Today, Cigar Magazine, CBS News Marketwatch, Newsweek, and many others.

EMAIL: boconnell@wildriverreview.com

Rosa Sophia

Rosa Sophia

Rosa Sophia, WRR Associate Editor

Rosa Sophia is a writer of suspense, mystery, and psychological horror. She has had several short stories published and has written a number of unpublished novels including Taking 1960, Smile America, Safe, and Out on the Bluffs. She is currently working on a mystery novel called Dissonance, which tells the story of an Indie rock band forced to solve a series of brutal murders as they make their way cross-country. Other than writing, Rosa is also interested in criminology, forensics, auto-mechanics, and playing her bass guitar, Charlotte. Rosa’s work can be viewed online at the Writer’s Café.

She also has a Myspace website dedicated to her writing as well as her continued progess with Dissonance.

WRITER’S CAFÉ: www.writerscafe.org/profile/rosysophia/
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/raizel_jones

PROFILE: Murder, He Wrote — An Interview with Jeff Markowitz

Eric Steginsky

Eric Steginsky

Eric Steginsky, WRR Staff Photographer

Eric Steginsky graduated from George School in 2005. He incorporates his hunger and passion for photography into his daily life. He takes great joy in traveling and loves literature. Eric plans to graduate from Guilford College in 2009 with a degree in Fine Arts.

EMAIL: esteginsky@wildriverreview.com

BLOG: The Age of Reasonable Doubt (photo)
ESSAY: The Great Butter Caper of Chartres (photo)
FIRST BYLINES: Design (photo)
COLUMN: Fire and Blood of Poetry (photo)
FIRST BYLINES: First Communion (photo)
POETRY: Ice Ages (photo)
POETRY: Shelled Almonds (photo)
PROFILE: Thinking with Muscle and Tongue — Donald Hall (photo)
COLUMN: The Triple Goddess Trials (photo)
FIRST BYLINES: When Jilted Alice Spoke (photo)

Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush, WRR Web Team

For as long as Jon can remember he’s had a story in his head. They are sometimes short and simple, others are deep and warrant a bit of time to write down. He’s currently a senior at Penn State as a communications major. Jon is open to learning about the world but he has a seething anger toward stupidity. Unfortunately the latter surrounds him more often then not. He writes a blog online and is working on a short story and a novel.

Christopher Tiefel

Christopher Tiefel

Christopher Tiefel, WRR Associate Editor

Christopher Tiefel is a noun & verb collector & organizer. A poet working as a freelance editor & writer, Chris has discovered that his favorite word is steep. In June he attended the Juniper Writing Institute after graduating from Kutztown University with a degree in English/Professional Writing. While at Kutztown he managed the literary magazine Shoofly & also received the Raymond Ford award for poetry, & the Mary S. Kittle award for social & environmental justice. Now engaged, Chris is working on a chapbook & a catalog of this work can be found at Treefull, a collaborative poetry blog updated maybe regularly.

SPOTLIGHT: The Other Side Of Abu Ghraib (Part 1) — The Detainees’ Quest for Justice
BLOG: Live @ PEN World Voices
REVIEW: What Feeds Us by Diane Lockward