Wild River Review

WRR 4.4 — 1 AUGUST 2007


NOVEL EXCERPT: In a State of Partition by Aneesha Capur

SPOTLIGHT: The Other Side Of Abu Ghraib (Part 1) — The Detainees’ Quest for Justice by Joy E. Stocke, Kim Nagy, and Chris Tiefel

COLUMN: The Mystic Pen — The Gift by Katherine Schimmel Abdel Baki

FILM REVIEW: The Prisoner, or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair by Elizabeth Sheldon

AIRMAIL: Confessions of a Global Traveler — Hong Kong Diary: Of Courtesans and Kings by the Professor

NOVEL EXCERPT: Blood Grip Chapter 4 by Constance Garcia-Barrio


UP THE CREEK: Editor’s Notes — Art, Yoga, and Abu Ghraib


Jean Paul Sartre gives me his wall-eyed
stare from the back of his book,
down through the glass tabletop

as I lay on the kitchen floor
gazing up at him,
then out the picture window
into the dusky sky

and see swarm into sight
swirling gray masses,
wave upon wave:
each peerless crystal structure
an utter isolato,
its quirky downward pinwheel
through windless space
determined by the shape
given when the vapor
fast froze up above.

In an instant ten thousand vibrate loose,
emerge from the darkening clay.
With each breath in, breath out,
ten thousand more break free.

Each one flattens against the concrete,
shows for one second its unmatched shape
then fades into the warm wetness.

But there will come one
with cool blonde geometry
fashioned just right
to receive the other, soon falling one:
together to defy all melting,
begin an accumulation,

while starlings fly over
at three times snow speed,
and Sartre stares his look
down through the tabletop of glass.

Dave Worrell

Dave Worrell

Dave Worrell studied literature and philosophy at Union College in beautiful Schenectady, New York. His poems have appeared in US 1 Worksheets and Mad Poets Review. He has performed poems at Chris’ Jazz Café in Philadelphia. He is a fatalistic Phillies fan.

POEM: Snowfall