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Where are you now?

You sit near the window
arms slack, legs splayed
head slightly bowed and tilting to the right,
flecks of skin gathered above your brow,
whiskers highlighted by the sun,
short silver spikes casting no shadows,
eyes vacant.

I wipe the saliva from your chin,
lean closer, I want to memorize the feel
of my lips on your skin,
my hand resting on your shoulder.

I want to remember this moment
while you’re still with me in some way.

But, where is the rest of you now?
on the golf course,
wet grass soaking your canvas shoes

in the six-footer out on the bay,
quietly drifting, waiting for a bite

in the driver’s seat of the Ford wagon,
kids akimbo in the back, out for a Sunday ride

at the Fox Chase library,
selecting books by Hesse, Fowles, Thurber, Lardner
a paradise of possibilities

Christine McKee

Christine McKee

Christine McKee has played around the edges of poetry for many years while pursuing meaningful employment. Now that retirement is on the horizon, she understands her past folly and has reversed her priorities. Some of poems have been published in the Bucks County Writer and L’Stange Café. Other interests include opera, travel, reading, and being outdoors.

POETRY: Where are you now?
POETRY: Where I Belong