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She is a synchronized
six-speed, blonde
blue eyed convertible.
Her metal-flake glistens
in the summer sun. She revs
a little moan, spits out
cinders from low profile tires
and zoom-zooms into
the great yawning afternoon.
She laughs, tantalizes
and we are one sweet shift away
from open road, somewhere
above the speed limit, somewhere
this side of adventure, nowhere
I’ve ever been.
Her perforated leather seat grips me
like it is my shape, my life
she was made for and soon
only wind is between us.
We have gone too far
for a test drive, oh yes,
sped way past that.
Mine now back in the privacy
of garage-sweet-garage,
my hands, my touch
will stroke her
smooth curves, my eyes
catch the glint of her chrome.

Bill Wunder

Bill Wunder

In 2006, Bill Wunder’s manuscript Pointing at the Moon was chosen as a finalist in The T.S. Eliot Prize, The Autumn House Press Poetry Prize, and The May Swenson Poetry Award. Bill, a Pushcart Prize nominee in poetry, was named Poet Laureate of Bucks County in 2004. His poems have been finalists in The Robert Fraser Competition, The Mad Poet’s Society Competition two times, and The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards three consecutive years. His work has appeared in The Manhattan Review, The Paterson Literary Review, Lips, The Mad Poet’s Review, Drexel University On-Line Journal, and many others.

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