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Up the Creek

Welcome to the first issue of the Wild River Review!

If you love good writing in all of its aspects — fiction and non, poetry and prose, literary and genre — you'll be able to find it here at Wild River Review.

In coming months we will be presenting writing of all kinds, including some pieces you wouldn’t expect to find in a literary magazine. We’re nothing if not outside the box. As we flow along the Wild River expect to encounter:


Unique thinking results in unique writing and we will be presenting some different and demanding pieces that defy placement in any known genre. Sometimes you go outside the box, and sometimes there is no box at all.


WRR will be giving a number of exciting new and emerging writers their first shot at publishing in a major magazine, and we’ll feel pretty darn smug if these new writers go on to become literary superstars!


Our world literary culture is generating some amazing new writers who can tell compelling and powerful stories. Join with us in celebrating and supporting these fascinating young writers.


WRR will present excerpts from novels in development and experimental novels long before they make it to the bookstore. You’ll be able to share in a first look at these best-sellers in the making.


WRR will present stories and poems from non-English-language writers and you’ll have a chance to read both the translation and the original language version. For polyglot scholars this will be a real treat!


For those of you who want to write (or do write), we will be presenting articles and tips by professional writers that will help you hone your craft and improve your writing-business skills.

And so much more!

Our subscriptions are free, our content is second to none, and we can promise you that we will only present the very best writing that we can find — because we will only publish the writing that touches us, enchants us, and intrigues us. We here at WRR are demanding readers and as such we will only publish writing that is of the highest quality. That’s a promise.

So, come and join us at Wild River Review!

— Jonathan Maberry
Co-Executive Editor

Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry

Bio: Jonathan Maberry, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Editor, has been a professional writer for thirty years and has sold over a dozen nonfiction books, three novels (including Ghost Road Blues, June 2006, Pinnacle), and over 900 articles, as well as short stories, poetry, plays, video scripts, song lyrics, and more. He is a book doctor and writing teacher, and is a frequent lecturer at writers’ conferences. Visit his website at: JonathanMaberry.com