Wild River Review art by Christopher McCauley


A Snippet

I pull a blade of grass
and don’t think of my friends.

I think of grass.

There’s much to mind in the narrow strand
I call on in this province.

A curled stem can be a friend,
it bends with the wind and stretches
with my smoothing it.

I should not have plucked it,
now I think on it.

Harvey Steinberg

Harvey Steinberg

Bio: Harvey Steinberg looks at himself as an artifact of the world rather than the world as an artifact of himself. Harvey submits writings, and over 20 journals in 10 states have published his poems, and occasionally other forms of literature as well. He is now writing theater works and finds this to be the most fulfilling medium (some short pieces have been staged). He will ultimately work toward the creation of quality verse plays and poetic drama. So although retired, he is not deterred.