Wild River Review art by Christopher McCauley


Dark River

Orpheus, sing again.
Our days sit upon us as dark clouds.
At oblivion’s edge we wait
without hope, without wonder.
Fear, our daily bread;
self-doubt, our chalice.
No more do the gods find pleasure among us.

We have forgotten,
lost the small rivulet of silence within;
even the day is unreal,
so little we trust,
so little believe.
We wake to a pained breath,
to a mist, a brown haze.

Orpheus, sing again.
Bring back your harp’s wonder,
if not a full chord
to rumble within our ribs,
if ony one note,
murmur to remember a time you stood at our side.

Our days we pass in dark and sunless valleys.
My brothers and sisters,
before us stands the wall
that has no eyes.
Give these walls your eyes.

Orpheus, sing again.
Be born again. Sing to our world.
Bring us anew
the song that dreams
to lift the stone from the mouth of the sepulcher.

From its broken rock
form a new note,
a secret silence.
Bring fresh water
to wash our eyes anew.

To Walk the Emerald Gate — November 1992

James Hubbell

James Hubbell

Bio: James Hubbell sculpts unique living environments from nearby materials, providing beautiful shelters for humans to dwell in harmony with nature. Over the past fifty years he has shared an inspiring vision of the spirit of nature made tangible in glass, wood, metal, concrete, and stone, in homes, schools, gardens, pavilions, nature centers and peace parks around the globe. He is also founder and guiding light of the Ilan Lael Foundation.