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Novel Serializations

Beginning in this issue, the Wild River Review will serialize novels in development by both established and emerging authors. Bookends will include complete novels in serial form and occasionally selected chapters from novels still on the stove.

This issue we begin a rather strange journey with author Jonathan Maberry as we explore Tales from the Fire Zone, a mainstream thriller in which the adult effects of child abuse are presented with no punches pulled. Tales from the Fire Zone, which will be serialized in three long sections (downloadable as PDF files), ventures into the fractured mental landscape of abuse survivor Jim Smith and journeys with him from the world in which he was forced to live by one monstrous parent into the reality he chooses to create for himself. It is a novel of psychological and spiritual awakening, set in a world where anything — literally anything — is possible.

Tales from the Fire Zone was originally written as a play and was produced twice in Philadelphia in 1984 and ‘85; and later dramatized for the radio in ‘86. It has a strong and devoted cult following and has now been fully realized as a novel.

Buckle your seatbelts... this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry

Bio: Jonathan Maberry, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Editor, has been a professional writer for thirty years and has sold over a dozen nonfiction books, three novels (including Ghost Road Blues, June 2006, Pinnacle), and over 900 articles, as well as short stories, poetry, plays, video scripts, song lyrics, and more. He is a book doctor and writing teacher, and is a frequent lecturer at writers’ conferences. Visit his website at: JonathanMaberry.com